How To Recover a Skrill Disabled Account (2023) – Izzyaccess

How To Recover a Skrill Disabled Account (2023) – Izzyaccess

How To Recover a Skrill Disabled Account – Izzyaccess

If your Skrill account has been disabled due to a missed verification, don't lose hope, it is still possible to recover it. To recover your disabled Skrill account, your identity must be validated. The below information must be provided;

1. Your passport or a valid ID card

2. Take a selfie with your passport held with your hand and placed next to your face. Your selfie must clear enough and should be of a high quality.

3. Your recent bank statement. Be sure that your bank statement shows your full name and address. The bank statement should not exceed 90 days of transactions.

If you can be able to verify your identity as instructed, your disabled Skrill account will be recovered in a day or even less.

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How to contact Skrill customer support

Why is my Skrill account disabled?

You should try and understand why your Skrill account was deactivated in the first place before even trying to recover it. This is to ensure that you don't fall for the same problem again.

1. Most often it is usually because there are lots of suspicious transactions on your account.

2. Your account may also be deactivated if you did not verify your Skrill account.

But if you don't have a clue as to why your Skrill account was deactivated, you may need to contact the customer support team and ask. You will surely be answered. Skrill customer support is 24/7.

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