[2023] Simple Steps to Becoming MTN, GLO, Airtel Sim Registration Agent

Simple Steps to Becoming MTN, GLO, Airtel Sim Registration Agent

Simple Steps to Becoming MTN, GLO, Airtel Sim Registration Agent

How to start a telecommunication sim registration agent business has kept a lot of people thinking and wondering, knowing the best and easy way around it will seem as easy as ABC

It is generally known worldwide that sim card is very important in our day to day activities, the benefits of sim card are not limited to business and personal use but most importantly used in connecting to our loved ones no matter the distance apart with just a simple dial on our mobile phones. Apart from connecting with our loved ones, we also surf the internet, make airtime transfers, data subscription and several other transactions with the use of sim cards.

Being able to understand what a sim card is and the benefits of sim card, becoming a sim card registration agent would be a part of your thoughts as this is a profitable business with little or no start-up capital. Thousands of people purchases and register sim cards on a daily basis, so this can also be a profitable business for you to venture into.

Who is a sim card registration agent?

A sim card registration agent is someone who is registered with the service provider that sells sim card and registers sim card at the companies stipulated price and given a target to meet. He/she works directly with the service provider in providing sim card registration assistance and also in running promotions during the promo periods.

What is the work of a sim card registration agent?

The work of a sim card registration agent is very simple, your work is majorly to assist those who need to register their sim card in order to avoid disconnection of sim from the service provider. The registration covers both the old and existing customers. You also help in retrieving lost sim cards, upgrading sim cards to 4G, 5G network as the case may be.

Also, you will be involved in running promotional activities during the promo period but it is not every agents that has this opportunity but if you are selected to run promotions, then you are considered lucky because you will be well paid based on the days of the contract.

What do you need to become a sim card registration agent?

What you need to set up your sim card registration agent business are not limited to the following;

- Good location to start your registration agent business: this is not difficult to get.

- You can start with a big umbrella or a small kiosk so as to protect you from the harsh weather conditions.

- You may also need few chairs or preferably a bench for the comfort of your customers.

- A generator in places of poor power supply.

- Scanner

- Registered company name.

- The rest will be provided by the network provider

Differences between a sim registration agent and starting sim card business 

Sim card registration agents works directly for the service provider network, he/she has no right or power to alter the price per sim card registration and must meet the monthly target while someone who starts a sim card business can sell, register at any price without necessarily fulfilling targets.

How to become mtn sim registration agent

Click on this link here

Carefully fill in your details

Once you are done, hit the submit button

Or simply send your “Name, shop location and registered phone number” to

Simple Steps to Becoming MTN, GLO, Airtel Sim Registration Agent

Once you are done with that, wait to be contacted by MTN staff and you will be informed on the next step to take.

And if you feel like you can't do the above, kindly visit the nearest MTN outlet within your community and make inquiry about how you can become MTN agent.

How to become glo sim registration agent

Walk in to any GLO world outlet in your area and obtain a GLO SIM REG Agents Application form or agent application form!

After doing that, all the completed application forms including all the supporting documents, must reach the head office. 

How to become airtel sim registration agent

Here, you will know how to become airtel sim registration agent. All you have to do is to simply apply for an Airtel smartAGENT for you to know how to become airtel sim registration agent. In other to apply for an Airtel smartAGENT, all you need to do is to go to any Airtel office near you, then dial 743 on your Airtel line. You may as well choose to download the smartAGENT application form, fill and submit.

Thereafter, an Airtel staff will contact you, your application will be reviewed. this is usually done within 2 days from the time you submitted your application. Airtel SIM registration agent commission is being paid according to how dedicated you are at work.

That is that about how to become airtel sim registration agent.

Notice for all agents

After your approval, a training process will follow, you will be trained on how to be a sim card registration agent successfully. A tool kit containing everything you need as a sim card registration agent will be issued to you thereafter. In the case of Airtel, their SIM Registration app will be installed on your phone. Please note that the tool kit do not come with a scanner, you will have to get it yourself.

I'm glad you read it to the end, free free to drop your comments and questions, and please don't forget to share.

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