Can I Change My Skrill Account Currency? (2023)

Can I Change My Skrill Account Currency? (2023)

Can I Change My Skrill Account Currency? | Izzyaccess

Skrill is an online money transfer platform which can be used for shopping, gambling, trading and gambling. You can make online payments and withdrawals on Skrill money transfer platform.

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Today on Izzyaccess' how to and tutorial section, I will be sharing with you how to go about Skrill account currency change (2023).

So how can I change my Skrill account currency? Usually you will have to open another Skrill account in order to change your transaction currency. But now there's a more easy way to go about your Skrill account currency change, this is by either becoming a Skrill VIP or by simply using the exchange feature. However, if you were unable to achieve your Skrill account currency change after 2 to 3 days using the 2 methods, contact Skrill customer care for assistance.

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How Do I Get Rid of a Restriction on My Skrill Account?

For your Skrill account currency change, the two ways to achieve it is either to upgrade your Skrill account to VIP account or to use the Exchange feature.

Skrill's VIP Program

On of the ways to change currency on Skrill is by upgrading to Skrill VIP program. The Skrill VIP program has a lot of benefits which includes 24/7 customer service support and access to lower charges.

How to become a Skrill VIP

For you to become a Skrill VIP, your Skrill account must be valid and must have made transfer up to €6,000 to merchants with 3 months. Your transactions can be in different currencies but should be up to the €6,000 requirement when converted.

Exchange Feature

Skrill exchange feature is another way to change currency on Skrill account.

To use the Exchange feature, you can choose the currency with which you want to make deposits and withdrawals, you can also choose your preferred currency when making purchases or sending money to others.

How to add secondary currency to your account using the Exchange feature

You can only change Skrill account currency when you've added secondary currency to your account.

1. Open and log in to your Skrill account

2. Navigate to the "Exchange" section of your Skrill account

3. Select the currency you want to exchange, also enter the amount of money you want to convert

4. After you have successfully completed the exchange, another balance will be created for every secondary currency you create.

5. To confirm the account balances, check the "Dashboard" and "Transaction" sections of your account.

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