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How Do I Get Rid of a Restriction on My Skrill Account?

How Do I Get Rid of a Restriction on My Skrill Account?

How Do I Get Rid of a Restriction on My Skrill Account?

Skrill is an online money transfer platform which can be used for shopping, gambling, trading and gambling. You can make online payments and withdrawals on Skrill money transfer platform.

Today I will be sharing with you how to get rid of restrictions on Skrill account. Many Skrill users have over time experienced problems on Skrill platform especially "Skrill account restrictions" which has seem persistent and frustrating when transacting larger amount of money.

Some have been restricted to $1000 or even lesser as their minimum transfer. In view of that, I have gathered information on how you can solve all Skrill issues totally.

Popular Skrill customer problems and how to resolve them

Reasons for Skrill Account restrictions

- One of the reasons for Skrill Account restriction is that there are some of Skrill restricted countries for gambling.

- Another reason for Skrill account restriction is that there are also some Skrill account restricted for security reasons. 

- Skrill Mastercard restrictions

How To Get Rid of a Restriction on Skrill Account?

To remove restriction on your Skrill account, contacting the customer service team is certainly your best option. You can contact them on Skrill customers service phone number. But let's dive into the other options.

1. Change Your Skrill Account From Private to Commercial Use

When opening your Skrill account, you should choose whether you will your account for commercial or private reasons.

2. Close Your Skrill Account

If you discover that the restrictions on your Skrill account are too much, you may close your account. Although some certain restrictions are possible to get rid but usually not always though. If you finally decide to close your account, contact Skrill customer service team for help.

And if you still have some money left on your  account at the time of closure, withdraw first so you won't lose your funds.

3. Contacting the Support Team - Skrill customer service international

The Skrill customer support team can help you get rid of a restriction on your account. They can also be of help on any other issues with your account.

Contacting via Skrill customers service phone number seems to be best way to contact Skrill customer service team. There your can speak with a customer service representative.

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