How to get Skrill money transfer refund (2023) – Izzyaccess

How to get Skrill money transfer refund (2023) – Izzyaccess

How to get Skrill money transfer refund

Skrill is an online money transfer platform which can be used for shopping, gambling, trading and gambling. You can make online payments and withdrawals on Skrill money transfer platform.

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Today on Izzyaccess' how to and tutorial section, I will be sharing with you how to get Skrill money transfer refund.

So how do I get a refund from Skrill? (2023)

If you have in anytime made deposit to your Skrill account, you can make request for refund if your deposit meets the criteria as listed below:

• The money you want to refund should not be earned from a contest or a project, but should be from a Skrill deposit.

Skrill customer service phone number

• The money you want to refund must appear on your account balance on

• The money should have been deposited in less than 6 months which is within the refundable timeframe.

If all the conditions are duly met, you can then go on to contact Skrill customer service with the information highlighted below so as to get your Skrill money transfer refund.

• Deposit currency and amount

• The time and date of the deposit

• Your email address on file at Skrill

• Transaction ID

Once you are done and your refund is being processed, your funds will immediately show up on your Skrill account balance. But if you have not received your refund after 7 days, then you will have to contact a Skrill customer support agent for help.

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