Instant approval ad network for blogger, wordpress blogs latest (2023)

Instant approval ad network for blogger, wordpress blogs latest (2023)

Instant approval ad network 2022

Getting approval on most popular advertising networks like Google AdSense, Toobola, Migid is a kind of hard for beginners who just vent into blogging, because many of these adverts network companies have some strict criteria to be meet by you before approving your website. These strict criteria includes:

1). Huge traffics requirements

2). Unique, original contents

3). Users friendly template installed

4). Long and more articles published

5). Custom domain name applied on your blog etc.

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Which could be a frustrating and disappointing if your sole aim of venting into blogging in the first place is to make money from your blog. well it nice though but do know that if you are among those having that in mind then you should know that blogging is not a quick get rich side hustle business but at the same time it is still better to earn even if it little than earning nothing.

Instant approval ad network

1). Faremedia: 

This ad network looks exactly like Google AdSense in fact if you are not told you won't be able to differentiate between them and the better part of it is that; they approve virtually every sites that apply for monetization but the only differences between faremedia and AdSense is faremedia ad network pays publishers by number of adverts impressions generated (cpm) not per clicks (cpc).

Pros and cons

  • Good customer service
  • Approval is sure
  • Displays Google like adverts
  • High cpm if most of your traffics are from tier country like (US, UK, Australia, Canada etc).

2). Propeller: 

This ad network as being online for a very long time now which many websites on news, download, video niches are generating huge revenue from daily with high traffics but if your niche is a content based with less traffics you won't earn much from this ad network. 

Pros and cons

  • Instant approval, no traffic requirements
  • Huge traffics is required to earn more from this ad network
  • Some of the adverts units could annoys your readers so know which one to integrate on your blog
  • This ad network pays for both impressions and clicks

3). PolarAds: 

This ad network is new in the network advertising sphere but according to a friend of mine am made to understand that their earnings potential is beyond imagination. the ad network provides monetization for both websites and software. it adverts units format types are cpa ads, push notification, software and extension.

Pros and cons

  • Instant approval
  • Three adverts units
  • Pays publishers monthly on 15th
  • Fast customers service
  • Need traffics to earn meaningfully

4). Adsterra: 

This ad network gives instant approval on sign up but have a very poor adverts units. it is a good ad network that pays publishers well and it is a cpc ad network. meaning you earns more from clicks than impressions.

Pros and cons

  • Cpm and cpc ad network
  • Good customer service
  • Plenty ads units but poor quality display
  • Atimes displays adverts that are not related to your content

5). Infolink: 

Approval may not be instant but am certain you will secure approval for your website in few days. this ad network have so many advert units that will help you generate more revenue in less time but you need huge traffics to earn.

Pros and cons

  • Best ads display units
  • Approval is sure
  • Pays publishers through impressions and clicks
  • Fast customers service
  • Doesn't slow down site

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