(2023) PropellerAds Massive Earning Tricks [Updated]

What is PropellerAds?

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PropellerAds as a Global Advertising system with over 1+ billion online clients for every month. 

The organization started operation in 2011 and ever since then it has turned out to be one of the biggest Ads publishing systems. It surpasses over 100 million desktop & mobile users daily across 120,000 of premium online publishing partners.

PropellerAds, unlike Google AdSense is a CPM ad network, which implies that propeller Ads pays you for every 1,000 Ad impressions. Traffic from the U.S, Canada, Australia, and U.K generates the best CPM. If you can have a good number of traffic, CPM ads will generate a great revenue for you. This is one major trick to earn on propellerAds.

3 Steps to earn massively on propellerAds

There are blackhat propellerAds tricks which can get your propeller Ads account blocked. Below are ways on how to earn on propeller Ads massively.

1. Register your free publisher Account here

2. Place the ads on your website

3. Start earning cool money

Features of PropellerAds

* There are 600 million+ advertisement impressions daily.

* Push Service - This is an outstanding feature that allows it's publishers to send their content updates through Push Notifications to every of their website subscribers.

* Propeller Ads provides a wide range of cross-platform ad formats.

* 24/7 support and live Chat

* Shows real-time statistics and data

* Self-Service Platform

Revenue Models in PropellerAds

Tricks to make money in propeller Ads

* CPM (Cost-Per-Mile) - Here you are paid each time Push Notifications are delivered. Your stream of income becomes regular and lifelong.

* CPS (Cost-Per-Subscriber) - Here you get paid immediately when a new user subscribes to your push notification.

Push Notifications on your website.

Available Ad Formats in Propeller Ads

* Onclick Ads

* Native Ads

* Interstitial Ads

* Push Notification

Advantages to publishers

* Global Coverage - All your traffic can be monetized! Propeller Ads have a wide range of advertisers in every country, so all your impressions are being monetized.

* Clean Ads Only - All the ads served are manually moderated. So you are free from virus or malware. Engage your audience with the highest-quality ads!

* Adsense compatible - PropellerAd formats can fit into any monetization strategy and several other ad networks including Google Adsense.

* Referral Program - Propeller Ads referral program brings in extra income when you refer many others to Propeller Ads.

* No minimum traffic requirements

* Easy to set up and gets instant account approval

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