How to fix adsense low value content (2023)

How to fix Adsense low-value content (2023)

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It is meaningless to tell you that AdSense is one of the best and most reliable advertising networks all over the world and most bloggers both existing and freshers will love to use it as their main monetization if they want to use display adverts.

So being the best, getting approval now in this era as being a bit challenging for most bloggers who actually do not understand AdSense policy and because of that they suffer the consequences through rejection or disapproved messages.

Note: AdSense policy is one of the things you as a blogger need to be conversant with before you could secure approval from them.

Truth be told, I also suffer the consequences of my action because I got rejected 4 times before getting the approval on the fifth time and before the approval of my blog which is the fourth disapproved message "low-value content" I got some ideas so I decided to come up with today's article explaining the steps I took in fixing it but, before then let me quickly summarize what AdSense policy is:

According to AdSense policy, for a blog to be approved it as meet all of their criteria which is:

  • Contents need to be original, unique, and fresh and don't write or host any illegal activities such as (hacking, smoking, or dangerous.  etc)
  • Important pages such as (about us, contact, privacy, and disclaimer) must be present on your blog
  • Choose a well-looking template and your blog should be easy to navigate through.
  • You must have access to your website source code to add the verification code
Now let me walk us through the steps I used in fixing "low value content Adsense" disapproval.

Side note: No one including me understand how Google AdSense selects blogs to be approved but we can always learn from people's experience this article does not only solve "low value content" it solves most disapproval messages.

What is low value content?

Low value contents are articles on a blog that does not make much meaning or are of no value to blog readers and Google. As we all know those behind AdSense site approval are also our blog readers and if we can not convince or satisfied them in all areas, then our blog will be disapproved.

Here is how to fix low value content in Adsense:
  1. Make sure your google search console is in order.
  2. Make your template easy for navigation
  3. Add more fresh posts
  4. Arrange your articles using labels or category
  5. Add uniquely edited images
  6. Have little traffic coming into your blog

Low value content Adsense fix  

1). Google search console: 

Many bloggers don't know that submitting a sitemap in the Google search console is a criterion for AdSense approval. let me explain my experience; when I create my blog I successfully submitted the sitemap in the Google search console but I noticed something, each time I post a new article on my blog, which is supposed to automatically increase after 24--48 hours in the sitemap I submitted, it wasn't updating so I knew something is wrong with the settings. I deleted it and used an online sitemap generator to create another one and I submitted it on google search console and at the same time updating it on my Blogspot "settings" in custom robots. then I give it 24 --- 48 hours and log in to my Google search console dashboard, and boom it started increasing. So in nutshell before applying for AdSense make sure you have submitted your sitemap in the right way.

2). Template with easy navigation: 

This is another thing AdSense considers before approving a site, I came to discover on my own when I was applying the fourth time that my template is not that good for AdSense though I did not change it I rebranded it because I know my way around coding.

Here is what I did:

The template does not come with "homepage posts snippets" also known as a little description under a post title, so I edited my blog template and include it. After that, I categorize my posts into labels for easy navigation and I also create a sitemap page where users can view everything I have posted from the beginning of my blog to date.

So if you do not have knowledge about coding kindly change your template to a cool, pleasant, and unique template, I suggest you use the "news" or "magazine" template and make sure your audience can easily see what they are looking for.

3). Add more posts: 

Each time you apply for AdSense always cultivate a habit of having 4 to 5 posts extra on the ground as this will not frustrate you when you receive a rejection message. like me, after I got rejected on the fourth time I publish 13 posts, 3 daily for four days and on the fifth day I publish an article in the morning and waited for 12 hours before applying for AdSense.

Note: the number of posts does not matters nor does the length of the article but always make sure you wrote something meaningful, unique, and at least not less than 400 --- 500 words in each article.

The unique articles am talking about here is not really what some bloggers interpret, like posting something new that has never been seen on a search engine before, well it is possible but my take here is to write from your experience, what you see around, what you feel and others can't feel and make sure you make enough research about the topic you want to cover before writing your article.

In addition, you can use online websites to get contents ideas on fresh topics in your niche:

      Contents ideas generator
      Google question hub

4). Arrange your articles: 

A lot of bloggers don't arrange their articles, even though I too don't know arrangement matters for AdSense approval until I noticed it on recently approved blogs so I decided to implement it on my blog.

Here is the arrangement am talking about:

* Use the default numbering or bullets on your CMS platform e.g (WordPress or Blogspot).
* Use a paragraph where it is needed.
* Subheadings and minor headings should come after the title heading if there is a need for them.

5). Add images:

Images on the blog not only beautify, but also brings traffics to a blog if it is used properly with the correct alt tag and alongside it necessary for AdSense approval, and don't use copyright images from a search engine, social media, or from someone else blog.

You can download your images or pictures from pixabay, and make sure you modify the image with at least a watermark or better still edit it and write your blog post title on it.

6). Last but not least have a few people visiting your site:

I don't know if AdSense consider traffics but make sure before applying you have people visiting your site daily, like mine I share my posts on social media and I was receiving a little traffic from search every two or three days.


Don't be in haste to resubmit your blog each time you are disapproved, always check your blog again and again until you see nothing wrong with your site before applying. 

Also, like I said earlier post more articles about 4-5 before resubmitting your blog URL for review.

I hope you enjoy reading this piece, free free to drop your comment, and don't forget to share!!!

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  1. this article was really informative

  2. Thanks very much brother I have almost 50 blogs post and receive low value content should I add 4 - 5 more then re apply?

    1. Yes, if already written contents are not scrapped. You can drop your blog url here, let me visit and see what you got

  3. Thank you your information. i have this problem can you help me

  4. Hey i got low value content rejection message on this website can you tell me what is missing

    1. I have gone through your site, i must said you have best template and nice articles if they aren't scrapped from somewhere. So add publish more contents at least 5-6 in each categories, buy custom domain to increase chances of getting approval, continue publishing articles when your blog is on review and never modify your source code. Wish u the very best.

  5. Hey buddy I got Low Value Content rejection on my website
    Please can you tell me what's wrong with my website

  6. Hi, the article is very detailed. Thank you. I also received low value content on my website could it be that the posts are less?

    1. Thebrainstar you also need to publish more contents before AdSense could consider your blog or better still remove news niche and concentrate on business after approval you can switch to any niche you want.

  7. Harley Nagu i had gone through your website it nice but you need to publish more articles because of the niche you have chosen. And make sure you are not scrapping contents from other sites. AdSense will approve u just keep on uploading unique contents together applying for review.

    I have my website mentioned above.
    I have got the error of "Low value content" Please see my website and tell me why this error exist" thanks

    1. M. Sohail Khan, i just visit your blog, for beginners it nice but here are things i noticed that might be the cause of low value content violation:

      1). Your blog template is not mobile friendly, try and install custom template.

      2). You should be very specific in one-two-three niches rather than publishing contents on numerous niches.

      3). Draft all the posts about money making online because it just as if you are teaching how to make money when you yourself haven't made any penny.

      4). Buy custom domain even if it is your country local domain e.g, or .co etc. to increase chances of approval.

  9. I have got same problem i have got notice from adsense of low value contant my blogsite is

  10. I have this problem, please help me . My url is

  11. Google-served ads on screens without publisher content 
    We do not allow Google-served ads on screens:

    without content or with low value content,
    that are under construction,
    that are used for alerts, navigation or other behavioural purposes.


  12. Wow I love this post....Please help me check my site I know I applied all the necessary steps but I still got disapproval. Telling me Low value Content. Do you think it's from my theme. Please check.


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