Top CPC Keywords and Best Paying Adsense Niches

Top CPC Keywords and Best Paying Adsense Niches.
Top CPC Keywords and Best Paying Adsense Niches
Top CPC Keywords and Best Paying Adsense Niches 

Making money online can be really frustrating sometimes, especially if you are considering monetizing your blog solely via ads.

To be a happy and a successful Adsense publisher, you need lots of traffic but you also need that traffic to engage with the ads that are currently being showed on your site.
The adsense CPC that will get you paid will depend on the niches or topics that you write about.

In the world of blogging, you can either write articles that will compete for clicks that will pay you only a few cents or be strategic and write content that will earn you big money.
If you are serious and motivated about making money online with Adsense and building a successful business, I will suggest that you target these top paying keywords and industries.
Also, I will suggest you try using Ezoic to automatically automize your ads.

I broke down this post by:
       Top paying Adsense keyword industries
       Types of ads that pay the most
       Exact long-tail keywords that have insane CPCs
       4 Bonuses to make even more money with Adsense
We will only discuss some and talk about the rest in our next article.
Here are the top 10 highest paid Adsense keywords for 2020 (by industry/niche):
1.     Insurance $59 CPC
2.     Gas/Electricity $57 CPC
3.     Loans $50 CPC
4.     Mortgage $44 CPC
5.     Attorney $48 CPC
6.     Lawyer $43 CPC

7.     Donate $42 CPC
8.     Conference Call $42 CPC
9.     Degree $40 CPC
10.   Credit $38 CPC

Why do these Adsense keywords pay so much?
This is because the advertisers or we can say companies behind the ads have a high customer value and can afford to spend some hundred bucks to acquire a customer. It is already planned in their business economics.
So, how can you benefit from this data and drive for yourself thousands of dollars each month?

Let’s take a critical look at this hypothetical example.
1.     You will notice that insurance related blogs do carry a high CPC.
2.     You will then take time to research a few keywords and you will discover that “car insurance companies” pays decently well.
3.     After making proper research, you then get to write the best article you can on car insurance companies
4.     With a good on-page SEO, you will then be able to get your blog post high on google rankings,
5.     Then the more interesting part is that you will get an amazing amount of high quality organic traffic to your site, which then can be monetized into more decent Adsense revenue.
Which Adsense ads pay the most?
In addition to choosing the best niche for adsense ads, you also have some given options of the type of ads to be displayed on your site. The options are as follows:
1) Text & display
2) Matched content
3) In-feed and
4) In-article.
In my own observation, I have discovered higher click through rates with native in-article ads. In my experiments, I found out that those ads perform much better on any of my sites.
The in-article ads will blend naturally with your site content and display midway through your blog posts. I personally cherish these types of ads because they appear contextually and usually receive a yummy amount of clicks.
Sidebar ads are not really as good since we are already shaped to tune them out. 
You can also try to use “Matched Content” that is if you have another content you would like to promote.
Pro tip: Use Auto Ads by Google
Adsense Auto Ads imbibes the culture of machine learning which automatically place themselves on your site where Google thinks they will optimally perform well.

Google has been in the process of testing the Auto Ads feature as a beta since September of 2017 and recently (early March, this year) released this feature to everyone to use.
Since Google has hundreds of millions (if not billions) of sites to test, it is very certain that they will most likely be better than you or me when figuring out the right type and placement of the ads.
The only setback of using the Auto Ads is that you won’t have much control of the number of ads that will be shown or where they will be placed, which if you are kind of being selective, might annoy you.
To set up the Auto ads on your site, ensure you follow the steps below:
1.     Sign in to your AdSense account.
2.     In the left navigation panel, click on “My ads”.
3.     Click also on “Auto ads”.
4.     On the “Choose your global settings” page, use the controls to choose the ad formats that you would like to appear on your site.
5.     Leave “Automatically get new formats” selected if you want AdSense to automatically generate new ad formats to your global settings anytime they become available.
6.     Click on “Save”.
7.     And then on the “Place code on your page” page, highlight or click Copy code.
8.     Paste the ad code between the and tags of each page where you want to show Auto ads. If you do not know how to go about this, simply refer to Google’s Code implementation guide.
Bonus Keyword Industries/Niches
Here are other high paying keywords that you can target in your blog posts
1.     Treatment $37 CPC
2.     Software $35 CPC
3.     Classes $35 CPC
4.     Recovery $34 CPC
5.     Trading $33 CPC
6.     Rehab $33 CPC
7.     Hosting $31 CPC
8.     Transfer $29 CPC
9.     Cord Blood $27 CPC
10.   Claim $25 CPC

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