Get Free Internet Browsing In South Africa [2023 Tips]

Get Free Internet Browsing In South Africa [2023 Tips]

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How to get free unlimited internet browsing in South Africa is relatively easy. However, free internet tricks or free browsing hacks are to be enjoyed while they last.

Izzyaccess readers in South Africa can now access free unlimited Internet browsing tricks that can possibly be used for the whole year 2023.

How Does the Free Internet on South African Networks Work?

The free browsing trick in South Africa can be accessed by using a tunneling or VPN app called HTTP Injector, this tunneling app is also similar to Psiphon or HA Tunnel Plus apps. Recently we have discussed MTN Free Browsing Cheat For South Africa using HA Tunnel Plus app. These apps provide South African internet users (MTN, Telkom, Virgin, and Vodacom) with free Internet access and unlimited data connection when configured properly.

This free unlimited browsing Internet configuration is simple to access and does not require much expertise from the user to access it. 

A configuration file (EHI file) or config file as often called is needed so the settings can be transferred to the tunneling apps you have on Android, iOS, and Windows.

Is using VPN legal in my country?

Although some countries are yet to ban the use of VPN while some countries have banned VPNs indefinitely for security reasons and other reasons known to them.

VPNs such as Ha Tunnel Plus - 100% free VPN, while they are banned in your country. However, you can still access it for some special reasons like closing an account or getting your content or money from an app.

10 countries that have banned VPNs

China, Russia, Turkey, Belarus, Uganda, North Korea, Turkmenistan, Iraq, UAE, and Oman.

4 Requirements to Get Free Internet Browsing in South Africa

The following are the requirements to free unlimited internet access in South Africa:

1.  An MTN Sim, Cell C, Virgin, or Vodacom sim card without any call credit or internet data.

2.  Your Smartphone (Android, iOS) or PC.

3.  HTTP Injector or any other tunneling app of your choice. For instance, Ha Tunnel Plus, Psiphon, etc.

4.  The free configuration settings which is the .HAT file.

How to Get Free Internet in South Africa? (2023 Free Hacks)

In order to get free unlimited internet in South Africa, you must do the following:

1.  Download the HTTP Injector VPN app from Play Store or any other tunneling app of your choice.

2.  Install the app and open it and minimize it.

3.  Download the free internet configuration settings or hack from here (EHI files).

4.  Go back to your tunneling app and then import the configuration via the HTTP injector app for instance.

5.  Tap on OK after uploading the EHI file to save the above configuration. 

6.  Lastly, click on 'Connect' to browse for free on all mobile networks in South Africa (Unlimited internet access in South Africa).

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