[Latest] Trending blogging niches 2021, 2022

[Latest] Trending blogging niches 2023, 2024

Trending blogging niches 2021, 2022

To strive in the world of blogging, a contents writer needs to publish more posts on his blog or YouTube channel and just before that, a trending niche should be considered because if the niche you have chosen to produce contents on, is trending definitely traffics won't be a problem, verse versa.

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However, the more trending a niche is the more harder it is to rank your website on search engines because my research made me to understood clearly that bigger blogs with huge domain authority are the ones setting on the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing leaving less trending niches for smaller blogs like my and yours. Anyways, that doesn't mean you shouldn't pursuit trending niches, but one thing i will tell you for sure that as being so helpful to me and I was able to rank most of my posts high on Google is;

  • I do keywords research and publish contents on low competitive keywords
  • I build backlinks regularly
  • I make sure my on page SEO is balanced.

Believe me the above listed three things should be your major priority as a blogger after successfully making your choice on which niches to publish contents on.

Now I will list out trending niches for 2023, 2024 so you could have hints about it.

Trending niches 2023, 2024

1). Entertainment niche: 

This will forever be the first trending niche in blogging-sphere because viewers/readers want something to get themselves relaxed and enquired. And when I said entertainment niche it includes "news, celebrity, sports, comedy, politics, music/videos download etc" so yours is to choose any niche within the entertainment industry that you are passionate about and publish contents regularly.

2). Business niche: 

On a norms, business is what brings food to our tables and also the one that brought cash into our pockets so a business niche is among trending niches you should consider if you want to start blogging. Business niche is also a broad niche just like entertainment niche. Within the business niche we have "cryptocurrency, finance, entrepreneurship, business tips/ideas, making money, affiliate marketing etc".

3). Education niche: 

Knowledge is power everyone want's to be loaded with information both online and physical so when you choose an educational niche then you have successfully get yourself a trending niche. And if you the type still curious about what an educational niche entails then in simple sentence I will explain that.

In education niche you could be posting about "institution news, institution admission lists, jamb registration form etc.

4). "How to" niche: 

This niche is the broadest among all because in this niche all you going to be doing is teaching your audience how to do something which could be "how to delete social media accounts, how to blog, how to teach, how to make money etc. 

5). Technology niche: 

Never forget the technology niche because we are in the world of technology where everything is being carried out using technical equipment and merely publishing content on technology tips updates will bring traffic to your site in less amount of time.

Other trending niches 2023, 2024

1). Lifestyle niche

2). Health niche

3). How to repair niche

4). Tutorial niche

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