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 1. The Health Niche
This niche is GREAT and will still be trending for several decades. There are notable THOUSANDS of sub-niches under this industry which are also worth writing on! Let’s quickly dive into some of the TOP sub-niches within health and fitness, below are some of the sub-niches!
 1.      Weight Loss

 1.      For Men
 2.      For Women
 3.      For Overweight Kids/Obese Kids
 4.      For Teens
 5.      For Specific Parts of the Body
 1.      Tummy Fat/Belly Fat

 2.      Double Chins
 3.      Upper Arm Fat
 4.      Man Boobs/Breast
 5.      Any other part of the body people place concerns about
 2.      Weight Gain
 3.      Muscle Building
 1.      Workout Videos
 2.      Supplements
 3.      The Sky is the Limit!
 4.      Diabetes Cure

 5.      Pregnancy
 6.      Diet
 7.      Nutrition
 8.      Teeth Whitening
 9.      Depression (part of mental health)
 10. Male Enhancement (Sexual performance)
 11. Natural Health
 12. Hair Loss
 13. Yoga
 1.      Yoga Accessories! Yoga Mats, Yoga Blocks, Yoga DVDs, etc

 14. Growing Taller (of course yes!)
 15. Quit Smoking Habit
 16. Hemorrhoids
 17. Headaches
 18. Anxiety
 19. Stress Management
 20. Addiction

 2. The Dating Niche

Dating niche is another huge niche and one of the “top 3”, it is not going anytime soon and will always be at the top!
Dating niche attracts a lot of people both male and female, it is usually an attention niche as it drives in a huge lot of traffic.
Here are just a few ideas within the dating niche:
 1.      How to get a girlfriend
 2.      How to get a boyfriend
 3.      How to get your ex back
 4.      How to spice up your sex life
 5.      How to spice up your love life
 6.      Dating Advice for Men
 7.      Dating Advice for Women
 8.      How to save your relationship
 9.      Online Dating

 10. Dating for Men over 50
 1.      Dating for men over 50 who want to date younger women
 11. Sugar Daddy Dating (Where to meet Rich Men, where to find wealthy single men, etc)

 3. The MMO (make money online) Niche:
MMO (Make Money Online) is another niche that is always in vogue.  People are turning 18 everyday and looking for ways to earn cool money online.  This is also another GREAT evergreen niche and will always be as popular even in like 30 years from now as it has always been in time past.
Not really the best choice for new bloggers or website owners, but a good niche none-the-less.  Here are a few of the sub-niches within this community.
 1.      How to Make Money Online
 2.      Online Jobs
 3.      Blogging
 4.      Business Opportunity (Biz Op)
 5.      Search Engine Optimization
 6.      Facebook Marketing
 7.      Twitter Marketing
 8.      Youtube Marketing

 4. The ‘Learn to Sing or play an instrument’ Niche:

This is a bit self explanatory, but learning to play different musical instruments is cool and is also hot, it is also not going away anytime soon.
 1.      Learn how to sing
 2.      How to Play Guitar
 3.      How to Play Piano
 4.      How to Play Drums
 5.      Learn to Play Violin
 6.      Learn Music Theory
 7.      Etc.

 5. Learn to speak another language
 1.      Spanish
 2.      German
 3.      French
 4.      English
 5.      Chinese
 6.      Thai
 7.      Italian

 6. The Green Energy Niche
 1.      Solar Power
 2.      Alternative Energy
 3.      Battery Reconditioning

 7. Spirituality and Alternative Beliefs
Things like numerology and horoscope are hotter than ever and currently in vogue! There are quite a number of sub-niches here for ‘those who dare’ to get into them 
 1.      Personal Development
 1.      Manifestation, quit procrastinating, etc
 2.      Astrology
 3.      Hypnosis
 4.      Magic
 5.      Numerology
 6.      Paranormal
 7.      Psychics
 8.      Religion
 9.      Tarot
 10. Witchcraft

 8. The Survival Niche

This is another great niche that can earn you lot of cash as it is widely accepted all over the universe.
 1.      Home Defense
 2.      Prepping
 3.      Grow your Own Food
 4.      Homesteading 

I could go and go on FOREVER with expanding on these.  There are obviously THOUSANDS of other niches out there, but these are some of the most obvious.

Find More Profitable Niches with Keyword Research:
With a little research on the internet and some basic keyword research, it shouldn’t be difficult to unveil quite a few more.
Try to narrow things down in to a sub-niche, because it will be less competitive and to enable ranking for in Google easier if you’re going for Organic Traffic.
Let’s take for instance, below are how we could narrow down the keywords “weight loss” and “diet” into more suitable sub-niches/keywords:
If we just BEGIN to search for a phrase into Google, it will give us TONS and TONS of suggestions for keywords and niches. 
Let us take a look at “how to diet,” and the list of keywords will be displayed like this:

Seeing is believing! Can you see the numerous list of potential for articles, videos, blog posts, even full on products? That’s the deal!

What’s The Next Step?
If you’re like me, you probably want to know how to PROFIT from these niches, am I right? In our next article, we will discuss in details on how to make money from these niches.
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