Elon Musk Tesla Model Pi Phone Vs Apple iPhone Review

Elon Musk Tesla Model Pi Phone Vs Apple iPhone Review

For the forever Tesla fans, another great elon musk inspired product to look forward and expect soon is the powerful tesla model pi smartphone. However, the mobile phone will largely compete with other phones in the mobile phone market including the popular iPhone made by apple.

In this article, we put the Tesla Model Pi Phone and the Apple iPhone side by side. Apple is a universal name at this point as it sells as many phones as it can make. Last year alone, the Cupertino based company sold almost 200 million units globally. There is no doubt that Apple is getting more than a few things right with its iPhones which it updates yearly.

However, it is about to welcome one more competitor this latest competition is backed by the might and fame of the current world's wealthiest man who has literally numberless resources to bring to the limelight his new product and with the strong background, Elon Musk, the Tesla owner has everything it needs to succeed. This is because he has a track record of making a success out of everything he touches.

If you're in doubt Tesla sells the most electric vehicles today while SpaceX also is launching satellites to orbit, a breakneck speed for itself and other clients. It is also taking NASA astronauts to space and returning them, likewise his boring company is well boring away under our feet.

Musk also has hundred millions of fans who undoubtedly are waiting and would like to use a phone made by Elon Musk to go nicely and work well with their other Tesla products.

Before we continue with the Tesla Model Pi and Apple iPhone comparison. Apple is rumored to be competing with Tesla, the iPhone maker has been linked to rumors that it has been making an electric car for a long time the car is not here yet, but the talks have refused to go away.

However, what is not a rumor is that Elon Musk had in one time tried to sell Tesla to Apple during what he called "production hell", when the automaker was experiencing deep crisis. However, Musk never got the chance to meet the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook.

Tesla survived and has since blossomed.

How does the Tesla Model Pi Phone stand against the Apple iPhone how will the phones be made?

Apple famously does not produce it's phones, what the company does only is to design, tests them in the US and then contracts out the actual production. Apple has partners worldwide that make the phone's components including the camera lens, chips, screens and so on.

Even its biggest competitor, Samsung, has manufactured batteries for Apple. The accelerometer is produced by Bosch Sensotec based in Germany while the gyroscope is made by ST Microelectronics based in Switzerland.

Two companies assemble the phones for Apple, they are Foxconn and Pegatron, both based in Taiwan. But with factories in many countries if Tesla wants to stick with it's tradition of assembling its own products, it could build its own assembly plants.

However, building a plant for making phones is quite different from every plants. The company might also try a cautious approach by contracting out the first few batches. From this point, we will compare the two phones based on what we know about the Model Pi Phone Camera.

Tesla Model Pi Vs Apple iPhone Camera Review

The camera setups of the two phones are remarkably similar based on concepts floating around. However, the latest and most powerful iPhone; the iPhone 13 Pro, has three lenses at the back but the Tesla Model Pi phone has been shown to have four lenses.

The iPhone takes excellent pictures including wide lens photos but the Model Pi Phone can do more. For example, you can point the Pi Phone in the starry sky at night and take quality high resolution pictures without requiring a long exposure.

You also use one lens to take a picture while another lens captures a video. The iPhone is popular known for its notched screen. In fact, Apple made the design popular. The notch houses the front camera and other sensors.

However, while other phone makers have tried different designs like a punched camera, Apple has only reduced the size of the notch. Many people do not really like the design because it takes up valuable screen and ruins the aesthetic but have to put up with it to use an apple phone.

However, the Tesla Model Pi comes with neither a notch nor a punch, making the screen continuous and pleasing to look at. The trick is that Tesla has put the camera under the screen and out of the way until you need it.

Tesla Model Pi Vs Apple iPhone Fingerprint Review

One other thing that the Model Pi Phone has under the screen but which the iPhone lacks is the fingerprint scanner. You will be able to unlock your Tesla Model Pi Phone by placing your finger on one part of the screen which is a very easy and convenient method.

Back of the iPhone has a textured Mac Glass back that is prone to cracking when mistakenly dropped which is why it is wise to snap a case on it as soon as you unbox it.

iPhone has a prominent Apple logo at the back, the Model Pi Phone also has a prominent logo at the back but the Pi Phone has the ability to change it's color based on sunlight. This is due to the photochromic coating present on the phone.

Tesla Model Pi Vs Apple iPhone Charging Review

Charging the iPhone charges through a port or wirelessly with has a lot of complaints about how slow the latter is, compared to other flagship phones. While wireless charging has not been fully confirmed for the Pi Phone. The Pi Phone will include embedded solar panels so that you can charge it with power from the sun and not waiting to get to where you can find a socket. That isn't difficult for Tesla to achieve because it has a solar panel production facility processing power.

Tesla Model Pi Vs Apple iPhone Processor Review

Apple continues to improve its iPhones processor each year, although the improvements have not been earth shattering for the past few years. The latest iPhone has the A15 bionic chip with one more GPU in the flagship model while Tesla has not released details about the processor in its Pi Phone.

It is known that it will be powerful, this is because the Tesla Model Pi Phone will be used to mine cryptocurrency. Of course, at this point it is known the Pi Phone will literally travel farther than the iPhone as the Model Pi Phone will be eventually used on Mars by colonists of the planet.

Musk wants people to live on the red planet permanently and he has to provide a currency for them to be able to transact businesses and earn a living. This is why he is creating Mars coins, the Pi Phone will have the capacity to mine Mars coins.

The phone will also serve as your wallet whether you're on Earth or Mars and you will be able to pay for your groceries, gas and much more without having to reach for your wallet or credit cards. Cryptocurrency is not the only reason, the Model Pi Phone will need a powerful processor because it will also use Oron Technologies from Musk's neuralink, which tries to read signals from the human brain by implanting chips inside.

It is not for sinister reasons as the technology helps to correct some health problems and can potentially help people with speech impediments, it will put their thoughts into words.

Tesla Model Pi Vs Apple iPhone - Satellite Connectivity

There were wide rumors that the iPhone 13 would come with satellite connectivity but that didn't happen. However, the Pi Phone will be able to connect to Tesla's Starlink Satellite Service for a high-speed internet connection. You have probably heard about Starlink, this is one of Musk's latest businesses. It is spreading like wildfire despite still being in beta.

Technically, testers are willing to pay $500 for the dish and $99 per month to access fast speed internet anywhere there on earth through SpaceX's Starlink satellites in space. The service will soon leave beta and more people will join. However, something more interesting is that spacex applied to provide some telephony services while the service details are not yet known.

There is no doubt the Pi Phone will benefit from it. It might mean you do not need to purchase a sim card to work the Pi Phone integration with other Tesla products.

The iPhone has a Tesla app which many Tesla car owners use to control their vehicles remotely. However, since the iPhone's OS is not within Tesla's control, the app remains a third-party-owned app which restricts some features. However, the Tesla Model Pi Phone will come with a tighter integration with Tesla vehicles and other products including solar panels, home battery, energy solutions and so forth.


The Apple iPhone has been available for years and Apple has not gotten tired of releasing new models every year. However, the Tesla Model Pi Phone is still on the way as Tesla still has to finalize the features and the design. But nothing says it will take long to be available.

Do you think the Tesla Model Pi Phone model has what it takes to compete with the Apple smartphone?

Let's hear what you think in the comment section.

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