5 Things You Didn't Know Your Flash Drive Could Do!

5 Things You Didn't Know Your Flash Drive Could Do!

5 epic things that you can do with these USB Flash drives–Izzyaccess

Welcome to Izzyaccess tutorial, today I'm goings to show you 5 epic things that you can do with these USB Flash drives that you probably didn't know you could in the olden days. I suppose to some extent today, that these USB Flash Drives were absolutely amazing.

They were great for swapping movies and music with your friends, moving files between devices and people and it was certainly a lot easier to carry one of these USB Flash Drives with a whole bunch of material rather than carrying paper. But today things have changed, things like cloud google sharing.

These USB Drives are probably gathering dust underneath your dial up modem and your blackberry cables but before you throw these out, let me show you a bunch of useful things that you can do with your USB Drive

5 Things You Didn't Know Your Flash Drive Could Do!

1. Portable Apps

Just as the name suggests, these are Apps that you can copy onto your USB Flash drive and take them with you wherever you go.

Head over to portable apps websites, download and run the initial installer and then all you have to do is simply follow the wizards.

Select the apps that you want to carry around with you and it's pretty much done. Simply stick the USB Flash drive into any computer and just use the Apps directly without installing anything.

When you're done, simply remove the flash drive. It leaves no trace!

2. Storing Important Travel Documents

I know whenever we travel we know we're supposed to keep copies of our important documents especially our passports and our ID and of course, proof of COVID-19 vaccination. Truly, you can keep these in your hotel safe/locker but let's be honest, if the person down at the reception is able to come up to your room and simply reset your safe code. 

These documents are not exactly totally secure, so if you have one of those little USB Flash Drives that you can hang into your key, all you have to do is simply have electronic copies of those important travel documents, including emergency contact medications, your travel itinerary.

Now I know what you're thinking, some of you are thinking hey! this is stupid because if you lose your flash drive, well they're going to have access to your important information. Yes, you're 100 percent correct but what I recommend is getting one of these free utilities that encrypt all the data on your USB drive.

I use something like descriptor or veracrypt which are open source encryption utilities and nobody can have access to your information except for you.

3. Serves As Recovery Tool

It serves the purpose of recovery tools. If you've ever had your computer crashed or had a nasty virus or you even forgot your windows product key, you're going to love this one, it's called Hiran's Boot CD PE. It is essentially a massive collection of tools and utilities that are all a hundred percent legal and are not pirated or contain any malware.

So, if your computer ever crashes or won't even switch on, simply insert the USB Drive into your computer. Boot off that usb drive and now you're going to have access to an entire environment that is able to recover your data and to fix any issues you may have.

4. Used For Going Incognito

By now, you know that almost anything that you do online and even offline leaves digital footprints everywhere. Websites are logging your clicks and cookies and even when you go into private mode you're still being tracked and logged.

There are even log files on your computer; the files that you open and even all the networks and the wi-fi that you've ever tried to connect to. This is where Tails come in, it temporarily converts any computer into a super secure machine. Once you have Tails running, you can browse the internet without leaving a trace.

You don't have to worry about viruses as Tails runs independently of the operating system. So you'll never use the hard drive whenever you launch Tails, you're basically creating a brand new computer and anything you do simply disappears automatically the moment you yank out that USB Stick.

5. Donated As Charity

For many people, any flash drive under 4gb is kind of pointless and count yourself lucky if you're one of those people. But instead of throwing those out, there are a host of charities who would love to get those flash drives. 

One in particular is an organization called Flash Drives For Freedom who collect any flash drive of any size and they load onto those flash drives reading materials, music and forms and other information banned by North Korea Government.

These flash drives are then smuggled into North Korea through their defector led network, where they are handed to people living under severe censorship. There are of course a whole bunch of other charities who collects USB Flash Drives. You pick one that you resonate with.


There are other usages for your flash drive such as running linux on it or using as a network drive. At this point, I need to give you a word of warning, don't forget that you need to properly remove any files off your flash drive before sending it out. 

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