Top 10 Insurance Companies In South Africa

Top 10 South Africa's Insurance Companies

Top 10 Insurance Companies In South Africa

There is always room for choice of selection when it comes to insurance, you are expected to choose the right insurance company in South Africa for yourself a a citizen since you are trusting that this companies will have your back whenever things go wrong.

Before you choose any insurance company in South Africa, there are a number of things you need to consider first;

The price of their premiums (premium is the amount of money to be paid for an insurance policy),

Also you need to consider the kind of cover they offer,

You need to also test the reliability of their customer service so as not to get stuck when you are in crises and no one will be there to answer the phone.

We have below selected the best insurance companies in South Africa (10 list) for you.

King Price Insurance

King Price as one of our top 10 insurance companies in South Africa provides all the types of insurance. They are also one of the best life insurance companies in South Africa. They virtually have insurance policies that covers all, from your car, your home and to your favourite golf clubs and all sorts.

As their names "King Prince" implies, they are truly aiming to be the "kings of insurance” in South Africa, and so have very high competitive premium pricing.

One of their most compelling and attractive products is the R1 insurance, this R1 insurance covers your smaller valuables with premium from as small as R1 per month!

Santam Insurance

Santam offers exclusive cover for any unexpected incidents that may happen like sickness, any form of accidents just like in the case of a centurion accident, theft or even death. Relax and enjoy your peace of mind as long as your finances and health are safe and secured at one of South Africa’s best insurance companies providing you that cover you might need in any crisis.

Sanlam offers insurance cover on everything; from car insurance, home cover to life insurance and business insurance, they also provide medical insurance in South Africa.

1st For Women

1st For Women Insurance being branded the winner of Service Excellence in the Short-term Insurance industry at the 2017 Ask Afrika Orange Index Awards, is the largest insurance company in South Africa and also the most referenced service excellence benchmark in South Africa.

1st For Women Insurance focuses on making women the priority and putting women first, no wonder their name already said it all. They offer extra services just like Guardian Angel as many would say on Call and Handbag Cover, all for making South African women a priority.

Old Mutual

Old Mutual’s offers a direct short-term insurance product, "iWyze", they offer standard and comprehensive insurance for both car and home. Old Mutual Insurance just as the name implies have gained their experience in the insurance industry for over 160 years in the insurance industry and they use this wealth of experience and wisdom to lavish you with the best cover.


OUTSurance has always strived to stay above their competition, it is also one of the best insurance companies in SA. They give their clients the best insurance cover as they pride in their new and brilliant innovations. They ensure that their clients get a cashback with their famous OUTBonus rewards, provided they haven't claimed it for a certain span of time.

Budget Insurance

Budget provides for you insurance that covers every aspects of your business. Budget insurance covers your work vehicle, your office and all its components, it also includes all the money present on the premises. Budget insurance is meant for any business whatsoever, ranging from a small petty shop to a large enterprise.

MiWay Insurance

MiWay provides business insurance packages which includes comprehensive cover, cover for different segments of your business like for each plant and machinery and your products or goods in transit. This simply means that you will be able to insure parts of your business individually or you might even include everything under a single plan, depending on what which one you decide.

Affinity Health Insurance

Affinity Health Insurance offers comprehensive and effective medical insurance. They assist the less privileged by providing cover for those who find it difficult to afford the hefty medical aid fees, while giving assurance of peace of mind to their whenever there's any case of medical crisis.

Discovery Insurance

Discovery’s health insurance have remained one of the top insurers in South Africa. They have progressively continued to outsmart every of their competitors in the insurance industry having their packages designed for all budgets, and they have in a long effectively built a trusted name for themselves. Their prices are not too harsh and can be affordable for the average South African.

Liberty Life Insurance

Liberty Life insurance offers you a life plan cover, it's as simple as signing up directly on your mobile phone, as well as the traditional cover plan. The Life Cover over the Phone enables you to take out cover without medical tests and they will pay an acrued sum of money to your beneficiaries when you die.

30 List Of Insurance Companies In South Africa

There are quite a number of insurance companies in South Africa who has in a long time built their reputable.

Here are some of the top 30 best-rated insurance companies in South Africa:

  1. King Price
  2. 1st For Women
  3. Old Mutual
  4. OUTsurance
  5. Budget Insurance
  6. MiWay
  7. Affinity Health
  8. Discovery
  9. Liberty
  10. Santam
  11. 1Life
  12. Bidvest
  13. Capitec
  14. Dialdirect
  15. Doves Funeral
  17. AllLIFE
  18. Assupol
  19. ABSA
  20. Clientele
  21. AIG
  22. Alexander Forbes
  23. Auto & General
  24. Avbob
  25. FNB
  26. Hollard
  27. IWyze
  28. Legalwise
  29. Momentum
  30. Standard Bank Insurance

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