FedEx Courier Services: Customer Care, Email and Offices Address (2023)

FedEx Courier Services: Customer Care, Email, and Offices Address (2023)

FedEx Courier Services: Customer Care, Email and Offices Address - Izzyaccess

FedEx Nigeria is undoubtedly one of the biggest courier services present in Nigeria. They are a global company that has begun operations several years providing instant and reliable courier/delivery service to over 220 countries and territories.

With FedEx, you will be given a tracking number which you use in tracking the location of your goods and to know the particular day your goods will get to you or where you sent them to. FedEx Nigeria delivers both parcels and cargo either by sea, air, or land. If you are a user of FedEx Nigeria Courier Services, then it is important and advisable that you have in possession of their customer care contact.

In this article, we will be telling you how to contact FedEx Nigeria, FedEx customer care, social media pages, email, and their head office address.

FedEx Operation Centres in Nigeria

Aside from their head office, FedEx Nigeria also has its operational centres around the country where you can visit and get things done.

Some are listed below:

  • FedEx Express, Courier & Shipping Services, Oba Akran Avenue, Ikeja Lagos
  • FedEx Courier Service, Off Simbiat Abiola Road, Medical Road, Ikeja. Lagos
  • FedEx Express Courier Service Moloney Street, Lagos Island
  • FedEx Red Star Express Courier Service, Kakawa Street, Lagos Island

FedEx Nigeria Customer Care Number

One of the fastest and easiest ways to reach companies is via their customer care lines. These companies' customer care agents are always on standby to respond to any of your questions and provide optimal solutions to any problem you may likely have.

Here are the numbers below:

+234 12714747 or +234 12715670

FedEx Nigeria Social Media Pages

Social media is also one of the easiest and fastest means to reach a company's customer care service and get a response. FedEx has both a Nigeria page and also have global pages where you can be able to reach out to them; your complaints also will be answered here.

FedEx Nigeria Email Address

If you prefer sending emails to them, this option is meant for you. All complaints sent to their email address will definitely be answered as well.

FedEx Nigeria Office Address

Their offices are open from 8:00AM in the morning to 6:00pm in the evening Mondays to Fridays.
On Saturdays, they are always available from 10:00AM to 2:00PM.
On public holidays, you can also be able to reach them from 10:00AM to 2:00PM at noon except December 25th when they do not open.

Head Office: 70 Murtala Muhammed International Airport Road, Lagos Nigeria.

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