6 Possible Causes Of Phone Overheating - Izzyaccess

6 Possible Causes Of Phone Overheating - Izzyaccess

6 Possible Causes Of Phone Overheating - Izzyaccess

As I have earlier said, It is normal for your smartphone to feel a little hot. Your phone temperature tends to increase whenever the phone is actively being used for a longer periods of time, running power-consuming apps, or using multiple apps than usual. Below are some of the causes of phone overheating.

1. Gaming for prolonged periods of time

Playing mobile games is arguably one of the main reasons for buying a smartphone. However, gaming apps with high intensity make use of your phone’s central processing cores including its graphics processing unit (GPU), which can make your phone's temperature go up.

2. Streaming online content

Watching video contents on YouTube or Netflix for several hours is undoubtedly another sure way of stressing out and overworking your phone’s processor.

Streaming video content or watching TV online simply implies that your mobile phone has to load video data and then keep the display actively working for a very long period of time.

3. No optimized settings

Is your phone's screen brightness always at the maximum? Is your wallpaper animated with widgets and animated icons everywhere? Instead, why not try using a static background and allow your phone adjust the screen brightness automatically to match your environment. This will definitely reduce the pressure and load on your mobile phone’s CPU usage and also keep your reduce your phone's temperature to a more safe and favourable level.

4. Outdated apps

Another reason why your phone is getting hot is that if an app on your phone has a bug or other related problem, it may result to the increase in your phone's temperature by overusing your device’s processor.

Keeping your apps and your operating system updated is very important because most times updates come with bug fixes. After you updated your phone and apps, your phone should have better performance and gets hot less frequently.

5. Software updates

A phone may also overheat during or immediately after an update. This can be due to the presence of a bug in the OS that needed to be fixed through the update, which can require an increased power at that moment (but this should not cause a long-term overheating issue).

6. Environmental factors

Another important reason why your phone may become excessively hot is leaving your phone outside in the hot sun or right in your car on a hot day thereby allowing your phone to be exposed to a very hot condition can cause your phone to overheat. This will also cause the phone's touchscreen not to work properly and also cause the battery to drain faster (Note : excessive cold also can have the same results).

Note that it is not only sun and heat exposure that can cause overheating to a phone, water damage can also cause phone overheating.

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