4 Ways To Stop Your Phone From Overheating

4 Ways To Stop Your Phone From Overheating

With a few quick fixes, It is very easy to prevent high phone temperatures if you can simply follow some basic phone care habits. These basic phone-care habits highlighted below can help prolong the lifespan of your mobile phone and keep your phone cool instead of getting too hot.

Below is how to stop your phone from overheating.

1. Ensure That You Charge Your Phone Correctly

Make sure that you use a quality charger especially from your phone manufacturer usually called "follow come charger" or another trusted brand, while charging your phone, place it on a smooth and firm surface. Charging your phone and placing it on your couch or bed will prevent it from venting heat when charges.

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Is it good to charge your phone overnight? You may have heard one time or the other that charging your phone overnight is bad for your smartphone’s battery, but that’s a myth. Smartphones have developed protections in place to prevent your phone from overcharging, so you’re fine to charge overnight — in as much as you’re charging your phone on a hard surface.

2. Update your apps

If you notice that your phone is getting hot for no obvious reason, try checking the apps you recently installed on the phone. Apps with bugs can increase the temperature of your phone, and by updating your apps, this kind of problem is usually resolved.

If that doesn't work, try again by uninstalling the app to know whether or not it’s the reason why your phone is overheating. Also ensure that your phone’s operating system is always updated for optimal device performance and security.

3. Avoid direct sunlight

It is expected of you to keep your phone away from direct sunlight, whether you are outside under the sun or might be charging your phone close to a window, get something to cover up your phone to avoid direct exposure to sunlight as this can not only cause overheating of your phone bus also damage the phone's touchscreen. Keep it in your bag, or move it to somewhere under the shade.

4. Use an antivirus

Mobile spyware targeting Android and several other types of malware can overwork your phone for a prolonged time, thereby causing your phone to get too hot. Remove the mobile malware so as to stop your phone from overheating.

Having mobile malware on your phone can also leak out your sensitive information, steal your banking details, spy on your current physical location, and drain your battery. Mobile ransomware can encrypt useful files or even your device entirely.

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