The Rise Of Intelligent Machines – How Would AI Take Over The World?

The Rise Of Intelligent Machines – How Would AI Take Over The World?

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The AI tech world is the world's biggest event that brings together AI tech investors, AI entrepreneurs and influencers around the world to address the impact of the rise of intelligent machines and also being human in the age of artificial intelligence.

The AI tech world is a 2 day Conference, AI tech exhibition and festival bringing together from all over the world over 2500 industry leaders, tech investors, tech innovators and critical thinkers.

We have come across several artificial intelligence and robotics essay over the time giving us information about what artificial intelligence is. Many AI experts have also talked about being human in the age of artificial intelligence. After several research from different artificial intelligence and robotics essay and journals, we came about our a definition for easy comprehension.

How Can We Define AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) refers to a set of complex algorithms which can be used to replace human intelligence to carry out certain tasks. This shows that machines can now be automated to work, perform operations, think and solve problems without human input or interference.

So how would AI take over the world?

With the rate of the rise of intelligent machines and fast pace at which this technology is growing, there is growing excitement that complex tasks which humans undergo would soon become unnecessary as machines would carry them out easier and of course, faster.

But as the excitement grows, so also does the concern that this might altogether lead to the extinction of the human race as fictitiously predicted and represented in movies.

While we can simply laugh away this idea and call it mere fiction, we can remember that the idea of smartphones were mere 'impossible fictions' in movies several years ago, but now, you're probably reading this article with that 'mere fiction' right now.

This shows that we can't afford to overlook this possibility with AI too (As a matter of fact, what many things we call technological advancements now will soon become 'dark age-ed' in some few decades to come).

The truth is, if artificial intelligence can replace human intelligence (scale and surpass it), it can grow to be one the dominant form of intelligence on earth, and then take over the entire human labour force which by implication would mean taking control of the planet away from mankind.

This means the risks are as high as the benefits, so we can't afford to sleep on it.

Many scientists have warned that this technology might grow and improve beyond what humans can control and so precautionary measures must be taken.

The fear is, as AI technology grows, it would become easier to use them to manufacture more AI robots with deep minds and upgraded intelligence - this would cause an upsurge and exponential growth.

This is how AI would take over the world. Governments and leaders across the world must come together with experts to place regulations and measures to guide the production and use of these technologies globally.

We can't afford to leave the fate of the world in the hands of brilliant but ambitious scientists.

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