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How Do I Reactivate My Transferwise Account? (2023)

How Do I Reactivate My Transferwise Account?_izzyaccess

Have you got problem with your TransferWise account? Is your TransferWise account deactivated and you want to reactivate your TransferWise account? Don't go too far, the best way to reactivate your TransferWise account is by contacting the customer service team.

The TransferWise customer service team can help you appeal. You should understand that TransferWise always have their reasons to suspend your account. However, they do not disclose those reasons.

After you have contacted the customer service agents, you will follow the steps below in order to appeal the suspension of your account:

How to appeal for TransferWise account suspension.

1. You must give them clear reason for sending money. All your reasons for future and previous transfers must be made clear.

2. You will provide necessary documents to prove your identity, they include; a color scan of your photo ID, a picture of your driver's license, national ID, and  your state identification card.

3. Take a clear selfie while holding your document of identification. The selfie must be taken in a room where there's sufficiency of light. Make sure your photo is of high quality, and both your face and your ID should be clear. Your ID must be next to your face when taking picture.

4. Once your information as been received by TransferWise, they will review your request and will get back to you as soon as possible. Your TransferWise account will be reactivated if appropriate.

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