5 Popular Cash App Scams you should avoid in 2023

5 Popular Cash App Scams you should avoid in 2023

5 Popular Cash App Scams you should avoid in 2022

Very many of us like free stuffs, of course I'm not left out. Although there are several ways to earn free money on cash app but it very important also to be careful not to fall for some cheap cash app scams.

Someone recently asked me "how to scam cash app 2023", I laughed at him with great mockery. I never knew he was so serious about it. So I asked him "why do you want to know how to scam cash app?" He replied by telling he only wanted to learn how to scam cash app 2023 so as to make free money from cash app. Then I told him there are free ways to earn free money on Cash App without going through rigorous means.

Today on Izzyaccess, I will be opening your eyes to some of the common scams on cash app you should avoid.

5 Cash App Scams You Should Avoid

Below are some of the common Cash App scams to avoid so you won't be giving your hard-earned money to fraudsters or scammers.

1. Fake Cash App Customer Service

Some bad guys on cash app can impersonate Cash App customer service which you might fall for if not careful. They can go as far as sending you direct messages via text, email or social media. You can always confirm any message you receive from any customer service correspondence in the app.

The help section on the app also talks more about some of these common cash app scams.

2. Fake Giveaways on Cash App

Beware of fake giveaways on Cash App! Usually there are plenty of giveaways on Cash App as one of the ways to get free money on cash app. Some fraudsters on Cash App may launch fake giveaways or even chat you up on your social media telling you that your entry is successful. Always ensure that you reckon only to only verified Cash App accounts.

Note that sweepstakes from the official Cash App social media won't require making a payment.

3. Cash App Gift Card Scams

Some fraudsters on Cash App will promise you a bigger reward when you make purchases. Some will ask you to buy a digital gift card and then send them the card number for “verification.” the fraudster will instead run away with your money.

Some of them will require you to send money directly to another Cash App account which you will never get back.

4. Fake Referral Bonuses on Cash App

Fraudsters may deceive you to sign up for different apps for you to earn a referral bonus. This is absolutely not true, you will do all the work but sadly the referral bonus will go into another $cashtag.

5. Lottery Game Scams on Cash App

Many of us are not new to some instant lottery games where they claim you can win as much as $500. To play, you will be required to enter your $cashtag and spin the wheel until you win. Of course you might win but you will have to complete several tasks to claim your win which at the end of the day, you won't be able to get your fake won money.

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