Mandela Coins | Where To Sell Mandela Coins In South Africa (2023)

Mandela Coins | Where To Sell Mandela Coins In South Africa (2023)

Mandela Coins | Where To Sell Mandela Coins In South Africa – Izzyaccess

What Are Mandela Coins?

The Mandela coins are simply minted South African currencies otherwise called coins that came out in limited numbers.

What does the term Mint mean?

Mints are simply the facilities that produce coins to be able to use as currency or as collector’s items.

Mandela coins in this case are national mints-produced coins which are legally recognized as legal tender and as a means of exchange. High grades of these rare coins possesses a great value worth thousands of Rands.

Why Are Mandela Coins So Valuable?

The hype that goes with the celebrating a freedom fighter, an icon and the first black president of South Africa has made these coins popular and brought into the limelight. They have been in circulation since when they were launched on the day before Nelson Mandela’s 90th and 100th birthday. There also came Mandela Inauguration Coin from 1994 which also has value just like the coins from Mandela’s 90th and 100th birthday.

Mandela Coin Buyers Contact - How to sell Mandela coin

To sell Mandela coin, you can contact the South African Reserve Bank (SARB). You will be required to present your gold coin/s to the gold coin teller present at the SARB Head Office in Pretoria, you will go along with proof of residence, proof of ID, and a bank statement.

How much is the Mandela coin worth? Are Mandela coins still valuable?

It is important to note that the current price of gold in the market and the dollar exchange rate will be used to calculate the price to offer for the coin/s on the day of selling. 

You can also find buyers of Mandela coins from the various eCommerce platforms, for instance; SA Coin, Ananzi, OLX, Gumtree, Bidorbuy and eBay. Here you will be able to see the Mandela coins price list.

If you want to get the contact of buyers, you can simply create a profile for your account and post your adverts for your coins.


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