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How To Fix App Not Available In Your Country Android On Google Play Store (2023)

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How to download apps not available in your country has been a little bit of difficulty for some time and this has made me to make some research and to provide the detailed information on how to download apps not available in your country.

You might have been trying hard to download apps from another country on playstore but seems somehow impossible, I'm glad to the you that, your search for "how to fix this item is not available in your country Playstore" problem. I'm sure that at the end of this guide, you will be able to install country restricted apps on your android phone.

This tutorial is meant for all countries and it does not matter where you are trying to download the country restricted apps from, this guide will put you through step by step on how to find your way around in downloading any country restricted apps from play store.

How To Install Country Restricted Apps Android (2023)

Google Play Store being the largest store for mobile games and other Android apps is non negotiable, but at times, some app developer do restrict some certain countries from installing or downloading their apps due to reasons personally known to them.

You will noticed that there are lot of Survey apps and websites online that are strictly only available in the United states of America, which means anyone who wants to download those apps or access those websites must reside in USA.

So what if you do not live in USA and you want to download some American apps? This is the reason why we have put together this tutorial on how to download apps not available in your country.

To wrap up the introduction, the focus of putting together this article is that, you will be able to bypass any country restricted apps and then have full access to download whichever app you want and use for your intended purpose.

How To Download Apps Not Available In Your Country (2023)

To download another country apps from play store, you only need to follow three steps and you’re done, the steps are highlighted below, followed by the detailed instructions on how to achieve each steps.

1. Switch Off your phone location. This is the first step to take and you can do that by just swiping down your phone drawer, then look for the location icon and then switch it off.

2. Go to Apps in your Phone settings, locate and click on Google Playstore, navigate to Storage and click on Clear Data or Clear Storage as the case may be.

3. Change The Country On Google Play Store.

4. Download or install the apps of your choice and enjoy. That's all.

You might be wondering how to do all the listed steps above but worry no more, we have prepared the full guide to each and they are discussed below.

How Do I Clear Google Play Data?

Apart from the method I said above, you can also locate Google play store app on your phone, then long click on it.

  • Select application details.
  • Scroll to the storage and click on it.
  • Click on clear data or storage.

That’s all about how to clear Google play store data. Now let’s proceed to the next step on how to fix app is not available in your country issue.

Is It Safe To Clear Data Of Google Play Store?

It's safe and nothing to worry about, by clearing Google play store data, we are not deleting anything or doing any unsafe modification, so, relax and know that it’s totally safe to clear the data.

How Do I Change Country On Google Play Store?

So far in our discussion above, this is the most important part of how to download apps not available in your country, the only way to download country restricted apps is when the country IP (Internet Protocol) on your Google play store has changed to that of the country where that particular app is available.

Kindly follow the instructions below to do that;

1. Open the VPN of your choice, connect it to the country of the app where it's supposed to be downloaded from. If you don’t have VPN on your phone, you can download yoga VPN, Nord VPN, just VPN or Melon VPN from play store.

2. Once you have successfully connected the VPN to the country where the particular app is available, minimize the VPN app and then open your play store. 

Remember that you must have cleared Google play store data before opening it after already connected to your VPN.

How To Check If Your IP Has Changed

In order to check whether or your IP address has changed to the other country you connected the VPN to, simply rush down to https://whoer.net. Your current IP address will be shown as well as your country name.

Now that you have connected your VPN to your new country, the new country IP is now your Google play store country. Now look for the country restricted apps you want to download and you will now be able to download them without issues.

In Summary

Clear your Google play store data > Connect Your preferred VPN to the country where the app is available > Switch your Google play store account to another Gmail if required> search for the app again and Download it.

I hope I have been able to help you download apps that are not available for your country.

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