8 Things You Shouldn’t Say To Your Man


It is not strange to us that the “word” is the most powerful drive that can inspire and motivate a man to take new dimensions, and can also forever estrange him or withdraw his affections or attentions from you and destroy your relationship. Most women make the mistakes in their mode of communication with men.

Every women love to talk, it is in their nature to do so. However, unfortunately, sometimes this apparently unobjectionable occupation metamorphoses into a very unpredictable consequence for most girls. From woman's raging phrases, the man might become an indifferent, weak, confused and indecisive person, and can eventually decide to try and find a wiser woman for himself.

Many women and young ladies do not even consider thinking about the dangers concealed in some phrases and words they use, and they can simply destroy even the long-term relationships. Sometimes you can say to your loved one extra word out of ignorance, and later you will bitterly regret doing it. Let us briefly find out which things or statements that are advised never to say to a beloved man:

1. “You are overreacting”. Do not make things even tougher. Be ready to listen carefully to your partner, he will always appreciate this.

2. “Maybe we should break up”. It is a very bad idea to manipulate your beloved man any time you want. It is not fair.

3. “You do not know anything”. This can totally offend your partner very much. Do not make him look like a fool or make him feel stupid.

4. “You let me down”. Endeavor to as much as possible discuss the situation with your man instead of saying such offensive phrase to your partner.

5. “You are such a…” Using such hurtful words shows that you only want to provoke your partner and make him be upset. Try to apologize in such conditions.

6. “Just drop it”. Do not say this phrase while having a conversation with your man. If you need to take a pause, take it, and then continue your discussion.

7. “You are being crazy”. Sometimes your partner might put up an attitude or can probably overact, but this does not give you the effrontery or the audacity to call him crazy.

8. “It is fine”. You don’t need to hide your emotions deeply inside because it is never a way out. If there is anything you don’t like, you need to talk about it with calmness and respect.

What else do you think annoys a man?

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