Untold Dangers of Eating Banana and Groundnut Together

Dangers of Eating Banana and Groundnut Together

Eating banana and groundnut/peanut together is a wrong food combination.
Those who hate my post because I ask people to avoid meat, milk and eggs, should keep prejudice aside and read these important posts. In November 2017, when I was in Jos Plateau state, delivering health lectures during a health seminar. The major topic was "wrong food combination and the damage it has caused on our health and death". During my lectures I taught about the dangers of eating banana and groundnut together also called peanut, how it has caused ulcer, pile, tumors, kidney and liver damage and host of other related diseases. It was discovered through several diagnosis that majority who attended the seminar had severe liver diseases.

Subsequently I held another big seminar in Jos again in April, 2018. Many who were present in my seminar in Jos in November 2017 also attended in April when they heard i was present. Surprisingly, nearly all the liver problems were gone.
What did they do to attain this?
Attendees from my lectures avoided eating together roasted groundnut and banana and other wrong combinations of food.

Here comes the important question; what is wrong with this combination that millions enjoy every day, everywhere particularly while traveling etc?
Roasted peanut is among the hardest foods to digest. Because it has to pass through numerous metabolic processes in which ripe banana does not pass through. Roasted peanut contains a combination of all the chief nutrient molecules. Namely: carbohydrates, protein and fat in large quantities. In biochemistry, we have what is referred to as emulsifying agents also known as bile salts. Bile salt or bile acid is the only thing capable of digesting emulsifying fats within the body. Stored and secreted by the gallbladder. All this happens when peanut enters the stomach where it stays for few hours for digestion.
However, banana as a fruit does not require all these. Besides, banana does not digest in the stomach, (those who read my post on ripe plantains and beans)

Banana has nothing to do with the stomach, immediately banana arrives the stomach, it proceeds to the ileum, where it has been designed to digest.
Another important reason why banana and peanut should never be eaten together is.
A handful of peanut takes between 4 to 5 hours to digest and leave the stomach while banana needs less than 2½hours. Again banana does not need to come in contact with bile acid. Is harmful to banana metabolism. Although there are some health benefit of banana and groundnut individually but this wrong combination makes it hard for peanut to digest and also difficult for banana to travel down to the ileum. 

Thus, when this struggle continues, the end metabolism is serious fermentation which produces great deal of acid which harms the liver, the kidney, the intestines, and other vital organs within the body.
This is the reason why pile, kidney disorders, liver problems etc are so rampant in our world today. If this post makes meaning, remember to like. For more posts on wrong combinations, stay connected.

Insight from an anonymous Doctor

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