Top 5 Skills in Nigeria That Will Get You Hired in 2023 [Updated]

Top 5 Skills in Nigeria That Will Get You Hired in 2023 [Updated]

Skills to make money in Nigeria

What are the skills in high demand?

As the chances of getting white-collar jobs by higher institution graduates reduce, it is important for extra skills to be learnt in other to be able to meet the demand of employers.

A concerned Nigerian has put to writing a compelling piece to enhance the chances of progress of job applicants in the highly competitive Labour Market.

What are the Skills to make money in Nigeria?

It is generally known to everyone nowadays that racking up skills is one of the best and surest ways to get jobs in Nigeria in 2021. If you are following me carefully, you would have had a clue of what I am trying to say. For every job advertised in Nigeria, there are hundreds of thousands of hungry job seekers that apply for that specific vacancy which only the one with best talented would get (in most cases).

Skills to learn in 2021 in Nigeria

Luckily there are lots of skills you can learn but not all of them can get you hired easily.These top 5 skills in Nigeria is based on some opinion on a number of job searches that are related to them. Here in this article, I will list out the top 5 skills in Nigeria 

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This is one of the top 5 skills in Nigeria, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to many, but the only surprise here is that not every IT skill actually is a high demand skill in Nigeria. There are some IT skills in Nigeria that are not considered as high demand skills; those skills are not usually required and there's no much vacancy advert from them.

So some of the hot skills under the IT sector include;

Programming: Your ability to write Programming codes using a number programming languages like HTML 5, Python, C#, Java among others to create incredible pieces of stuff like websites design, front end development, back end development and several other mobile and computer softwares. This is one of the leading IT skills in 2021 because of its complexity, and the level of demand thereby creating a massive gap in the supply level of programmers. Once you are able to acquire this skill, you can be called to work for some companies or be a programming tutor.

Graphics Design: Your skill in making creative designs will easily help you get jobs in so many firms. Most firms have stopped contracting this service out, making them employ as many as possible graphics designers. Having this superb skill can either allow you work from home, work as a tutor or trainer in an IT school or work for a firm that needs your services.

Digital Marketing: Most businesses have switched to online marketing these days, the trend is getting stronger each day. This is because you have better chances of reaching your target customers online, you can also target to a particular category of people.

The market competition among companies has compelled them to take their marketing campaigns online. Due to this new culture, they are being left with no choice but to hire digital Marketers who will help them through this campaign. Having this amazing skill as a Job hunter guarantees you a job no doubt. Although there's no job guarantee, but your chances of getting hired are on the high side.

Notable IT skills also include; Computer EngineeringWebsite Design/Development

2) Marketing Skills
Due to the enormous competition for a wider customer base, marketing job has been made to be ranked among the top 5 skills in Nigeria right now in the job market.

NOTE: It is not advisable to work as a marketing slave for some firms.

According to study, not less than 40% of daily job adverts has got something to do with marketing. Having this skill is something you would love to have as an outstanding skill. Your ability to show the employer or recruiter that you can make great sales, and bring profitable businesses to the company is really something that most companies need now. It also gives you your best chances of getting that job.

The belief that marketers get paid only on commission basis is totally not true. Marketing Executives and Business Development officers earn massive amounts depending on your ability.

3) Communication/Presentation skills

This is also included among the top 5 skills that can earn you a job. You must be outspoken and can be able to deliver messages confidently with clarity and great precision. A lot of consultancies, media, broadcasting, advertising and other related firms are desperately on the lookout for people with such incredible abilities.

You can forward a detailed letter containing an introduction about yourself and what you can do to the broadcasting and other related firms. Ensure that you press them for feedback and most importantly, don’t give up easily.

4) Writing/Editing and Proofreading Skills

As there are increase in the number of blog and websites daily, many firms tend to employ those who can create good contents for them on daily basis. Even many people with full-time jobs are also taking up such jobs as a side hustle. I am confident that once you acquire this skill, to gain employment for yourself will come with ease. Every blog and website you see out there has/have (a) content creators for them all. All you have to do is to write a sales pitch to the owner of the site and wait patiently for feedback.

5) Customer service skills

If you can prove to a firm that you can help convert leads to customers, convert one-time buying customers to long-term customers, then trust me, there are jobs waiting for you to get. Most firms demand a prove of this skill, so you must have a certificate to back up your claims.

There are lots of firms online and offline that offer certification training for customer service jobs, but sadly, only a few of them are genuine. You can personally make your own research about them and choose the one that is best for you.

Remember, you need to acquire at least a skill to survive in this current dispensation.  Don't just learn any skill, learn skills that will get you job in no time.

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