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Corona virus not transmitted from Wuhan laboratory in China Says WHO World Health Organization

Corona virus not transmitted from Wuhan laboratory in China: WHO

Allegations arose around the world that the corona virus originated from a study conducted at China's virus laboratory and that China deliberately spread the virus.

A study conducted at a virus laboratory in China has led to allegations around the world that the corona virus originated.

Former US President Donald Trump referred to it as the Chinese virus.
The World Health Organization has decided to study the origin of the corona virus in Rishi.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that the global corona virus has not spread from Wuhan Laboratory in China.

The corona virus, which began spreading in December 2019 in Wuhan province, China, is spreading around the world. The worst affected country is the United States.

Allegations arose around the world that the corona virus originated from a study conducted at China's virus laboratory and that China deliberately spread the virus. Former US President Donald Trump referred to it as the Chinese virus.

Corona virus: Do not ignore these symptoms .. Doctors advise!

Corona infection can strike anyone at any time. With doctors warning people not to ignore the normal symptoms, the spread of corona without any symptoms at present is further increasing the fear.

The first of the symptoms of Govt 19 infection is cold, fever and dry cough. But if these come normally, it is due to a viral infection. People are frozen in fear that a normal virus infection is a corona symptom. Thus, even if you have a cold or cough, you can take hand remedies or self pills. The spread of these without symptoms at present should be carefully monitored.

Doctors are advising people to be vigilant as corona infection is currently spreading in India as well. At the same time, they say it is important to see a doctor immediately if you have a cold or cough problem for more than two days. Recently, it has been said that even a lack of taste is a sign of this. It is best to isolate yourself if you know the symptoms as much as possible. It is safe for everyone to be aware of the fact that many of the symptoms that we ignore can be viral at times and that it is a little difficult to cure before it comes.

Corona virus

The infection was confirmed at a place where animals and seafood are sold in Wuhan province in China. The virus, which was discovered on December 31, has been dubbed the corona virus. Currently named Govt-19. China's National Health Service and subsequently the World Health Organization have warned that the virus, which can be transmitted from animal to human, can be transmitted from human to human.

The number of people infected with the corona virus in the last four months is close to 10 lakh. The outbreak has so far claimed more than 53,000 lives, raising fears among the population. Because so far no drugs have been found to kill the virus. Some drugs have been found to cure the corona virus and are being tested on animals. It is noteworthy that a few days ago, a person in the United States was vaccinated and tested for the vaccine. Only a warning and hygiene will save us for now as no cure has been found for this.

The United States, South Korea and Thailand have confirmed the presence of the virus in some returnees from China. This was followed by thermal screening at the airport for passengers returning to India from China and Hong Kong. Only 11 passengers from Kerala, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad were isolated and tested based on the suspicion that there was a sign of a virus infection. It is noteworthy that those infected later recovered after intensive treatment.

Currently the infection has been confirmed in over 2000 people in India. Of these, more than 150 have recovered and more than 50 have died. We are currently in the third stage of corona infection. You can even breathe a little if you cross this stage without risk. It is undeniable that otherwise there will be excessive risk.

Covid -19 vaccine: Have you found a cure for the corona virus?

All hospitals in major cities in India are equipped with ready-made beds. A separate ward has been set up at the Rajiv Gandhi Hospital, the main hospital in Tamil Nadu, to test the virus. Let's see what are the symptoms of this.


The virus, which is similar to the common cold, persists for up to three days. Having a higher temperature than the body temperature. The victim or someone from his family may have traveled to China. Or you may have met relatives or friends who have traveled there. Anyone with a trip to China in the neighborhood may be involved. So consult a doctor immediately without taking self pills for fever. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated within 14 to 20 days after the onset of symptoms.

Viral infection can occur if the body temperature is higher than body temperature for more than three consecutive days

The test should be done without delay. The medical profession advises not to self-medicate at this time if you have a flu infection. Currently, the medical community is concerned that the spread of the flu will not be able to stop the rapid spread of the infection after 14 days of symptoms and 27 days after the onset of the infection. So they can prevent the spread of infection by isolating themselves if there are any symptoms of cold or cough.

Cough and runny nose

The flu is usually accompanied by runny nose and cough. So do not conclude that these are due to body heat or cold. Persistent cough and runny nose may be symptoms of this viral infection. People who have both feces and mucus during the flu should not spit in public places.

Have a separate toilet at home or rinse with water after use and spray with disinfectant. Do not shake anyone's hands. Do not wipe your face, especially your nose and eyes, without washing your hands. Isolate yourself from people at home. Please do not go outside.

It is safe for everyone to dispose of it hygienically at home. If sneezing occurs, it is better to cover your hands with sneezes and wash your hands immediately with soap and water. Do not rub your hands carefully when going outdoors. The first task after coming home is to wash your hands with soap.


If infection is suspected, consider these symptoms as well, as the fever may be accompanied by sore throat, headache, and shortness of breath. It is better to take care of them as they can easily infect immunocompromised children, immunocompromised pregnant women and the elderly.

If the pain, fever and cough do not go away after this, especially if it is more than three days, come to the government hospital and get tested. Don't be afraid of getting the corona virus if you have these symptoms. At the same time the main advice of doctors is not to ignore the symptoms.

Take liquid food when you have a fever. Strictly adhere to rest and adequate sleep. The current advice of doctors is not to self-medicate as much as possible. Definitely loneliness with doctor’s advice is safe for everyone for now.


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