World Milk Day 2021: Let's find out the benefits and nutrients that milk gives!

World Milk Day 2021: Let's find out the benefits and nutrients that milk gives!

 The baby's first feeding starts with milk.  Milk is indelibly packed to the point where you can not say that you do not waste it without milk every day.  Learn about milk and the nutrients it provides.

 If the milk is brewed for a long time, the albumin and globulin in the milk will stay in the container.
 Definitely avoid milk, milk drink and dairy foods during diarrhea.

 World Milk Day 2021: World Milk Day, Let's find out the nutrients that milk gives!

 June 1 is International Milk Day.  The International Milk Day was launched at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations to make people around the world aware of the nutrients in milk.  It has been recognized since June 1, 2000.

 Its essence and usefulness cannot be suppressed in a single line called milk.  Milk plays a huge role in the daily diet.  When breast milk is not available to the newborn, cow's milk is given in parallel.  How many nutrients are there in milk, which starts as an alternative to breast milk as a baby's life preserver?

 Not only cow milk but also goat milk, buffalo milk, donkey milk, horse milk and camel milk.  According to the medical world, cow milk is an easily digestible milk instead of breast milk for the newborn baby.

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 We use not only milk but also dairy products which are good for the health of the body.  Ballet is nutritious.  Buttermilk and yoghurt can provide more nutrients from milk.  Butter and ghee are an integral part of our daily diet.

 When I wake up in the morning, I am told that the day will not end without coffee and tea.  Milk is the main ingredient in this product.

 Nutrients in milk

 Cow's milk is more watery than pocket milk.  About 80 percent of cow's milk is water.  Milk is rich in protein, lactose, mineral salts and vitamins.

Milk Day: Which milk should be given to the newborn instead of breast milk?
 Cow's milk is the next best alternative to breast milk for babies because it contains folic acid, thiamine and potassium, which are similar to breast milk.

 Milk is low in protein but high in calcium and lactose.  Milk converts lactic acid into the body and promotes the body to absorb protein and fiber.

 People who drink a tumbler of milk daily from infancy are less likely to develop osteoporosis as they grow older.  Doctors say that osteoporosis, which is especially experienced by women during menopause, has the potential to prevent bone loss and wear and tear.

 The nutrient in a tumbler of milk

 One cup of milk per 100 grams contains 120 mg of calcium, 4.1 g of fat, 4. 4 g of carbohydrates, protein in milk is 3.2g and 67 calories.

 Children over 5 years of age can be given up to 400 grams of milk daily.  People up to the age of 40 are also advised to drink this amount daily.  People over that age should drink low-fat milk or skim milk.  Older people should definitely drink skim milk.

 Milk can be added to morning coffee, tea, yogurt for lunch, buttermilk in between, and ghee for lunch.  Milk does not harm anyone.  But whenever the lactose in it is not absorbed by your body, you should definitely avoid milk drink and milk during diarrhea.

 Method of using milk

 We currently use more pocket milk than cow's milk.  Pocket milk is available in fat-rich milk orange, stabilized milk green, and balanced milk blue.  It also has double-balanced milk.

 If it is cow's milk, drink it well.  At the same time do not need to brew at high heat for a long time.  A few minutes of boiling is enough. If boiled for a long time, the albumin and globulin in the milk will stay in the container.  So let it drop as soon as the first bubble arrives.

 Benefits of drinking milk daily!
 Patients with kidney stones can also drink milk.

 Milk is one of the most essential nutrients in the diet.  Milk tastes good and is also a rich source of nutrients.  Milk contains a variety of nutrients such as good quality protein, fat, small amounts of starch and magnesium.

 Milk contains some nutrients that are not found in other products so we all have 500 ml.  Doctors advise that the amount of milk must be taken daily.

 But how many of us are in the habit of drinking milk every day.  From children to adults, many people do not like to drink milk much.  Women in particular are avoiding drinking milk for a number of reasons that can lead to bloating and acne.

 But, in fact, the benefits of drinking milk every day.

 1. Menopausal women should definitely take 500 ml.  Milk should be taken strictly until.

 2, Calcium is very important for bone strength.  Such calcium begins to decrease with increasing age.  Calcium in milk helps maintain your body.

 3. Milk can be taken daily for blood pressure control, obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

 4. Patients with kidney stones can also drink milk.

 5. Milk contains vitamin B12.  This vitamin B12 is essential for the health of the nervous system.  By drinking milk every morning and night, the stomach fills up

 6. Drink 1 tablespoon of honey and a few drops of vanilla essence in a cup of milk every night to get a good night's sleep.

 7. Milk contains potassium.  The potassium in it keeps the blood pressure steady.

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