Benefits of bathing in hot and cold water daily

Benefits of bathing in hot and cold water daily

 We bathe in hot or ordinary water daily.  Thus we have many medical benefits.  This can be seen a lot in Tamil culture.  But it is noteworthy that they are being forgotten.

 Because from time to time the yellow water of the festivals in the yellow water will be played on everyone.  Bathing in pools, rivers, seas, etc. during festivals and important days came from our culture and was in our habit for the health of human society based on time, time, week, environment etc. both spiritually and medically.

 There are many references in paranormal medicine.  Notable notes on it can be found below

 If the oil is rubbed, the head should be bathed in hot water (rule of thumb disease). Rub the oil twice a week.

 Oil baths are beneficial for men on Wednesdays, Saturdays and for women on Tuesdays and Fridays

 In the river water, in the dry well water without algae, in the spring water dug in the river during the dry season.  Let's say you get it by rubbing good scented sheets wet from head to toe all over the body.

 Bathing in river water cures arthritis (hand and foot joint pain), bathing in waterfall cures bile (body heat, loss of appetite, indigestion, lethargy, intestinal irritation)

 In the above song, they have mentioned the benefits of taking a bath along with the accessories week wise

 Rules for oil rubbing baths, usually bathing in the morning is best

Benefits of bathing in hot water
 1. Stress, Depression calms the mind, gives a good night's sleep, it stimulates the secretion of melatin (Melatenin) in the body and stimulates the well-being of the mind and sleep well after cooling immediately after bathing in hot water

 2. Bathing in hot water controls diseases like muscle aches, swelling of arms and legs and arthritis.

 3. SitBath is a bath in hot water that controls metabolic diseases and diabetes in the body.  SitBath system prevents piles from getting hot when sitting in hot water.  Mix Triphala in hot water and sit for 20 minutes in Sitpath mode to get rid of constipation.

 4. Bathing in hot water repairs mucus, nasal congestion, bronchitis and destroys germs.  Thus paving the way for the development of immunity

 5. Bathing in hot water regulates the blood flow in the intestines and distributes glucose and oxygen equally to all the cells and keeps the body healthy.

 6. Prevents skin irritation and skin diseases by bathing in hot water.

 For this we can mix some herbs in hot water and use it for beauty, health and peace of mind.  This is also called aroma therapy

 Aroma Mixed Oil, Olive Oil, Lavender Oil, Rose Oil, Coriander Oil etc. are added for peace of mind.

 For skin diseases and ulcers Triphala (a mixture of nelly, mustard, dandelion), nutmeg, arabic, multanimutti, clean clay, aloe vera, neem, neem powder, etc. can be applied topically and weight loss can occur.
 Hot water is best for bathing at 25 degrees Celsius to 39 degrees Celsius.  You can adjust the temperature depending on your body and environment

 Cold water

 Alertness keeps the brain and body active and healthy, which increases blood flow and rejuvenates all the cells in the body.

 Developing immunity

 Strengthens hair and skin and improves health

 Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness

 Stress, Depression

 Works well for the heart and herbs

 Testosterone is a hormone deficiency caused by body heat, and taking a 15-minute bath in cold water stimulates the hormone testoserone.

 Depending on the nature of the disease, bathing in the ears and eyes should not be done.  People with indigestion, indigestion, acne, skin diseases, chronic illness, consult a doctor, take a bath or wipe with a cloth.

 Do not take a bath after eating too much food in the stomach

 Want to know more about the benefits of an oil bath?

 Take oil baths twice a week, once a week, twice a month, then once a month, and now once a year at regular intervals.
 Rub the head 100 times with a comb after rubbing the oil.  Thus spreading the oil well throughout the hair.
 People with sinus and asthma problems can use herbal balm during oil bath.

 Oil Bath
 Oil baths are one of the healthiest traditions.  There is no denying that oil baths play an important role in the amazing health of our ancestors.

 It has been found that taking an oil bath regularly is a good remedy for hair problems, skin problems and joint problems.

 The practice of taking an oil bath one day a week has become a thing of the past once in a while that has disappeared little by little in recent times.  But that too in the present generation it is observed that the oil bath is only during the Diwali seasons.

 At the same time, even though there are still followers who do not take oil baths, the number of people who observe oil baths only for Diwali is high.  Such oil baths are also routinely rubbed lightly on the scalp for duty.

 Ignoring the fearless joint pain for pills will paralyze you in one place

 On Deepavali, the Ganges is indestructible in all water bodies, so the oil bath on that day is the Ganges bath.  That too has become a duty as I have to take an oil bath that day to make sense of it.

 But naturally the oil bath offers amazing benefits. Do you know the benefits of the oil bath which gives nothing but health and beauty.

 Oil rubbing is not uncommon.  It must be done properly.  There are some methods in the oil bath.  Let's see what?

 Oil massage
 Per head
 Heat the good oil moderately even if the body is hot or have a cold body.  Leave half the oil on the palm and rub to warm the top of the head.  You will feel the heat fly in line with the internal heat of the island.

 Then apply the oil from the scalp to the roots and comb 100 times.  This will spread the oil well from the hair follicles to the hair follicles.  Dandruff and scale problems will also disappear.

 For the skin
 Rub the oil all over the skin.  Let's massage the oil on the baby's skin and massage the oil on each organ like that.  If it is pure oil, leave it on the eyes and ears.  This is called an eye ointment.

 Applying oil to the eyes removes dirt from the eyes that sharpens the eyesight.  They will say that the ear is also dirty.  But now doctors are urging us not to bandage this oil when it is questionable whether it is pure good oil.

 To the joints
 It is better to rub the oil all over the body and massage it with excess oil on the joints of the body.

 Oil baths are good for people with arthritis, hip, knee and joint problems.  The pain intensity will start to decrease as the oil penetrates through the pores of the joints and soaks well in the bath.

 You may feel pain in the joints when these continue.  Oil baths for children from an early age and oil massage on the joints will keep their joints strong during adolescence.

 People with sinus and asthma do not have to avoid oil baths. Alternatively, you can use herbal ointment mixed with oil during oil baths.  You can take a bath for twenty minutes after the oil massage without waiting too long.

 Always oil
 Ancestors have defined that men should not take oil baths on Wednesdays and Saturdays and women should take oil baths on Tuesdays and Fridays.  There are many reasons for this.

 Apart from spirituality, science has also said that oil baths bring health.  Generally, when taking a number oil bath, you should soak it in oil and take a bath between 5 am and 7 am.  After the oil bath, use lukewarm water instead of cold water.

 The reason science says so
 Studies have shown that oil baths can bring many health benefits.  An oil bath to remove body heat and body heat can cause sunburn, sweating, skin rashes, and small blisters.  Oil massage bath helps to remove acne.

 In addition, it removes dirt and grime from the skin and keeps the skin glowing, protecting it from dryness.  So homeowners are advised to take an oil bath once a month.

 When you take a regular oil bath, you will feel relieved and refreshed.  It is a good remedy for all skin problems and spreads hair problems and gives deep sleep.

 Do you know how to eat?

 Do not shampoo in the oil bath
 Using shampoo while rubbing oil in the bath will make you lose the effect.  So the use of nutmeg powder will give the appropriate benefit.  It is also important to use only pure essential oils.

 After the oil bath
 While oil baths are good for reducing body heat, it is best to avoid cold yogurt, juices, buttermilk, juicy vegetables, fruits, and cold foods after an oil bath.

 It is the opinion of the ancestors that non-vegetarian foods, hard foods and sexual intercourse should be avoided on that day.

 Ah ..!  Couples, if you take a bath like this, you will not get sick ..!  New bath ..!

 "There are so many different types of baths. We've heard of this hot bath, we've even heard of sunbathing, but we 've never heard of this new sand bath.

 This bath has a wonderful tradition and history.  There are a lot of changes that take place in the body when you take this bath.  

This is not the bath system that came today or yesterday.  This bathing method has been practiced for many thousands of years.  But, we are the ones who have come to know the magnificence of this bath later.  So you can now know what is in this bath.

  Waste and bath ..!
  It is the dirt in our body that gives us diseases.  If these are present inside or outside the body then such effects are not data.  There are a few bath methods like this to remove the waste that has accumulated in the body.  All these will take care of our body without diseases.

  What is the origin ..?
  This sand bath has a wonderful origin and excellent history.  Studies show that this sand bath was first practiced by indigenous peoples in the Sahara.  These were followed by the Egyptians and the Greeks.  It is considered to be the most pleasant bath.

  What mud bath is that ..!?
  Mostly we have seen this bath playfully in many movies.  But we only know the greatness of this when we take this bath.  Swelling of the feet, equal amount of water in the body, excretion of dirt, etc. will benefit.

  What to do ..?
  Dig a hole about six feet long, three feet wide and one foot deep in the area where the sea or river is, and lay your feet on it.  Then spread the sand evenly up to half a foot above the body.  In this position the head can be tied with a cloth.  This is because the sand should not go into the ear and eye areas.

  What level ..?
  Just be on your stomach when you take this sand bath.  Also, do not take this bath during high sun exposure.  It is better to bathe in the young sun instead.  You can take this bath especially in the morning or evening.  Initially it feels like breathing lightly.  There will be no problem after that.

  New bath ..!
  This bath will help you in the same way that a sand bath will ward off diseases in your body.  The name for this, spinal cord bath.  Even if it is much easier than a sand bath.  Just 1 tub of water is enough.

  How to take a bath ..?
  To do this bath you first need to fill a tub (tank) with water so that the spine and abdomen are submerged.  This means that all the organs except the face must be submerged in water.  You can also use plain water or moderately hot water.

  Couple's bath ..!
  It is best for both couples to take separate baths.  Also, by doing so the intimacy between the two is more likely.  In the past, people used to bathe in this way.

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