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When you bleach, you do great health damage to yourself - Reno Omokri

When you bleach, you do great health damage to yourself - Reno Omokri 

When you bleach and surgically enhance your body, you do great health damage to yourself, and you also influence young dark skinned girls to be insecure about their bodies.

The health implications of mercury and other heavy metals used in bleaching creams makes the practice a danger to society! The sheer number of our women who die during cosmetic procedures puts a burden on those with social influence to use their influence to promote body positivity. 

Love your dark skin. Live a life worthy of emulation. Look at your photos before you bleached. You were the epitome of beauty. A natural African woman. You do not need to be light skinned and have surgically enhanced features to be loved. You were already lovely. 

God did not make a mistake in making you Black and beautiful. Look at Agbani Darego. The first and only Nigerian to win the Miss World Pageant. Black and beautiful. She did not bleach or surgically enhance herself. Yet, she is successful, fulfilled, married, has a child, and is a thing of joy to herself and her race. A beacon of virtue and pride to the Black Race. Young Black girls can look at her and feel beautiful. Black is Beautiful. 

Say it with me-I’m Black and I am proud! 

Reno Omokri

#FreeLeahSharibu #RenosNuggets

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