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The Internet Has Accepted the Bottle Cap Challenge. It’s Really Kicking Off

Bottle caps of the world, look out. People are coming to kick you off.

There are few things to know about the latest challenge to make the internet rounds, the bottle cap challenge: A pro who kicks for a living originated it, and it’s a pretty challenging challenge to mimic the precise balanced spin and kick move that ideally takes the cap clean off while leaving the bottle standing.

Once the reigning UFC Featherweight champ Max Holloway for whom kicking a target was already in his wheelhouse kicked us off, the artist John Mayer, mixed martial artist Conor McGregor, and the actor Jason Statham soon followed accepting the bottle cap challenge. (Errolson Hugh had challenged Hollowy first after Farabi Davletchin challenged him and so on and so on.)

“Passing this on to our guy John Mayer,” Holloway captioned his effort.

The choreography is pretty impressive, but martial art expertise is not a barrier to participation, all bottle cap fighters are welcome too to have a crack too.

See some of the collective internet’s best attempts at the bottle cap challenge below.

Challenge accepted.

Everyone’s got their own spin on it of course.

You could always just twist it off by hand, but that’s less impressive.

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