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Pastors Come In Disguise To Buy Bath Water Worth GH₵7,000 From Us –Mortuary Worker Reveals

A mortuary attendant in Ghana has revealed how Dead body water is being bought by some pastors in the country for as much as GH₵7,000.
In a report by Yen Gh, a female mortuary worker was seen in a video narrating how the water is in high demand.

According to the lady whose identity was not revealed, the pastors pay as much as GH₵7,000 for the water, and sometimes they even have insufficient
She explained that some family members prefer to have their corpses bathed at the mortuary, and this is the water that the pastors come to buy.
She said when the floor is mopped, the cleaners squeeze the dirty water out and keep it in bottles which the pastors come for in disguise.
Describing it as a ‘side job’, the mortuary worker confessed to be doing this business in order to earn more money, explaining that the work in itself does not fetch them much.

“Even at this our job we don’t get much from it. But with this, sometimes we can’t even meet up with the demand from the pastors. We most of the time run out of water”
She, however, did not mention the names of the pastors and the churches, perhaps, for fear of being victimised.

“The pastors buy the water, it is in high demand. When the cleaners mop the floor after a corpse is bathed, they squeeze the dirty water into containers which the pastors come to buy,” the lady narrated.

The water is being used by the pastors who patronise it to perform miracles in their churches.
“Most of these pastors use the water to perform miracles for members of their church”she narrated

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