[HEALTH] Reasons why added sugar is bad for health

[HEALTH] Reasons why added sugar is bad for health

[HEALTH] Reasons why added sugar is bad for health

Added sugar is the sugar which is extracted from its natural source and mostly found in processed food and drinks or which we add to some of our diets.

Added sugar is a huge contributor to different kinds of disease and also has a negative effect on metabolism.
Here are reasons why added sugar is bad for you.

1. It has no essential nutrients

Added Sugar has no essential nutrients. It contains no proteins, vitamins, minerals or essential fats. The only thing you can find inside added sugar is non-essential calories, which adds nothing to you.

2. It is the major cause of obesity

Added sugar has a negative effect on the hormones and the brain which has fat promoting effects.
Sugar is a major cause of obesity in both children and adult.
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Naturally, children have sweet-tooth which means if you keep feeding them with lots of confectioneries and sweet beverages, they can get addicted to sweet things which can cause obesity.
Just like obesity in children, added sugar can also cause obesity in adults.
Cut back on added sugar consumption to avoid obesity.

3. It can cause type two diabetes

Insulin is a hormone in the body that plays important roles when it comes to metabolism in the body. It regulates the use and storage of glucose and fat in the body.
Added sugar can cause insulin resistance which makes the insulin stop performing its functions and thus leading to type two diabetes.

4. It is high in fructose

Unlike glucose which is in all living cells, our bodies do not produce fructose and there is no significant need for it.
Added sugar contains a lot of fructose which can overwork the liver if consumed a lot and can lead to liver diseases.

5. It can cause heart diseases

Contrary to common belief that saturated fat is a major cause of different kinds of cardiovascular and heart diseases, it is actually the added sugar that raises the cholesterol which then, in turn, causes heart diseases due to the negative effect of fructose on metabolism.

6. It can cause cancer

Cancer is characterized by multiplication and uncontrollable growth of cell which is now a major cause of death in the world.

The insulin is meant to regulate such growth in the body but if your body is already insulin resistant, the insulin can't regulate such growth which can lead to cancer. 

7. It is addictive

Just like hard and illicit drugs, you can get high on added sugar.
Sugar releases massive dopamine into the brain and gets you hooked on added sugar and getting addicted means you are susceptible to different kinds of diseases.
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