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Singer ‘Harrysong’ Says Kcee Belongs In The Trash (Read Details)


Following the human rights suit filed against Harrysong by Kcee, the ‘Samankwe’ crooner’s manager has asserted that the Five Star Music singer is only messing himself up by his relentless attacks on Harrysong.

In a recent interview, Harrysong’s manager, Desmond Ike revealed that Kcee is demanding 20 million from Harrysong in the suit he filed. He also insisted that there was nothing Kcee could do to have Harrysong back on his team.

“Anyone who is trying to hold down the progress of another person is holding down his own progress. Whether they like or not, Harrysong has left them for good. Even if they fight him for 100 years and more, they can’t get him back,” he told ‘The Cable’.

“He has dumped them in the trash can where they belong. There is nothing they can do to have him, all efforts are futility, he has moved on. Any record label that cannot move on after an artiste dumps them is a failure.

“If somebody leaves you and that person has moved on and you can’t move on, it is you that is the problem. Kcee should tell the world what exactly he wants from Harrysong, if it is what we can afford we will give it to him. In fact, he should continue this fight, he is only messing himself up the more,” he added.

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