Why Should You Start Grasscutter Business? – 7 Tips

Why Should You Start Grasscutter Business? – 7 Tips 

  Why Should You Start Grasscutter Business? – 7 Tips

What is Grasscutter?

Grasscutter is an African rodent which is also known as The Greater Cane Rat, it is popularly called Grasscutter in Ghana, Nigeria and other West Africa regions (Thryonomys swinderianus) is one of two species of cane rats from a small family of African hystricognath rodents. It lives majorly by reed-beds and riverbanks or watersides in the Sub-Saharan Africa. 
Many farmers have started Grasscutter Farming in South Africa over the years with the aim of making profits. This is because of the cheap and affordable start up capital needed to start grasscutter business and the huge profit at the end of the day.
The Grasscutter business in Nigeria has been incredibly increasing. Due to the high consumption of bush meat in Nigeria especially Grasscutter meat otherwise known as Greater Cane Rat, many farmers in has also began Grasscutter farming in Nigeria in order to supply and quench the cravings of many Grasscutter meat eaters.
Grasscutter farming in Ghana is also a lucrative business to start in Ghana as many people who enjoys eating bush meats also likes eating Grasscutter meat especially but Grasscutter meat consumption, Grasscutter business, Grasscutter farming in Ghana is not as common as it is in Nigeria.
Many people does not understand how to rear Grasscutter but thanks to our researchers who have and still researching on how to rear Grasscutter, the gestation period of Grasscutter, lifespan of Grasscutter, Grasscutter feed supplements, pros and cons of Grasscutter farming, diseases and treatment of Grasscutter, Grasscutter production in Africa and other important information about Grasscutter farming techniques.
But is Grasscutter farming profitable? We will discuss benefits of Grasscutter farming as we proceed with the discussion.

Scientific Classification of Greater Cane Rat or Grasscutter

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Rodentia
Family: Thryonomyidae
Genus: Thryonomys
Species: T. swinderianus

Scientific Name of Grasscutter: Thryonomys swinderianus

Description of Cane Rat/Grasscutter

How big is cane rat? How does Grasscutter look like?
Cane rats can grow up to nearly 60 cm (2.0 ft) in length and have weight to a little less than 8.5 kg (19 lb). Grasscutter has short nose, rounded ears, and coarse bristly hair. Its forefeet that is the front legs are smaller than its back feet, each of it's feet has three toes.

Behaviour Of Grasscutter

Where do Grasscutters live?
Cane rats live in small colonies led by a single male. Grasscutters are nocturnal animals; they see clearly and they function at their peak at night, also they make nests from grasses or burrow underground. So what is the lifespan of Grasscutter? The lifespan of Cane Rat of the species may live in excess of up to four years. If frightened, they grunt and immediately run towards water.

Interactions Of Cane Rats With Humans

As humans expanded and extended their jurisdiction into the cane rat's native habitats, the cane rats in the same manner expanded from their native an natural reeds into the plantations, particularly the sugar cane plantations which is where they derive their name from. As Grasscutters have adopted plantations as their new habitat, where they feed joyfully on agricultural crops such as wheat, maize, sugarcane and cassava, have thereby been awarded the label of agricultural pest. However, the dwellers of the region have inturn made the cane rat as their source of food (as Grasscutter bushmeat), considering the meat a delicious delicacy. You might also want to have a taste of grasscutter meat. Consequently, grasscutters (as they are often called in Ghana, Nigeria and other regions of West Africa) are now being raised in cages for sale.
(1). Startup Capital Is Not Expensive
Just get an iron cage of around N30,000 to N70,000 according to your budget and one family of breeding grasscutters usually called a Colony of Grasscutter, which goes for around N55,000 to N75,000 depending on the age and proximity of the place of purchase to your farm. A Colony of Grasscutter comprises of one male and four females. The cage can be placed anywhere in the compound, you can start anywhere you are with whatever you have at hand, like I do say Nigeria economy does not determine your profit in Grasscutter farming, it is you who will decide what comes to your pocket
(2). Grasscutter Meat Are Simply The Best
Grasscutters are usually the most preferred bush meat. They are quite very expensive and a good source of protein and other nutrients, it's a pure white meat.
(3) You Can Farm For The Purpose Of Breeding Stock.
The breeding of grasscutter is one of the most lucrative aspects of grasscutter farming. The turnover period could be quite short, maximum of 3-6 months after giving birth, it all depends on how old you want them to grow before you begin to sell the breeding family which comprises of one male and four females also referred to as a colony.
(4) Regular Income
Is grasscutter farming lucrative? Is grasscutter business profitable? These questions has always been asked by many. The simple answer to the questions is simply YES!

Raising Grasscutters can make you smile always to the bank. The profits of breeding grasscutters can come in several ways. The first is by selling your knowledge through training intending farmers, this can always fetch you money, meanwhile, it depends on how trained you were in the business. You can also sell your grasscutters live or smoked to various joints, individuals, restaurants and hotels. The grasscutter waste can also be used as manure or fertilizer to crop farmers. Interestingly, the breeding family of one-male and four-females can earn you huge amount of money.

(5). Source Of Meat For All And Can Be Sold Everywhere

Grasscutter meat is certainly a delicacy. It is mostly demanded in most restaurants. Even if you produce a large quantity of grasscutter meat in South Africa or Ghana, or even in Nigeria alone, you will find buyers for them easily. The cane rat meat has low cholesterol and is filled with lots of health benefits.

Nutritionists advise people to eat the super delicious bush meat, this is because it is white meat. In addition to all these facts, however, grasscutter is free from cultural and religious taboos. This attribute makes it a universal favourite, breaking all barriers, creed, religion, culture, ethnicity, etc. Like I always say, how to sell grasscutter is never the problem, the only challenge you can face is not to have enough grasscutter to sell. If you have problem selling your grasscutters, you can contact me so I can teach you how to sell your grasscutters, whether it's table size or breeding stock.

(6). Job Creation
Rearing of grasscutter for local consumption will undoubtedly reduce unemployment. You can even be an employer of labour. Grasscutter farming can stop you from writing hundreds of job application where you “beg them to apply” instead of being your own boss with this easy-to-start, profitable agribusiness that will help you in building up your business capital, feed yourself and your family members, employ others and launch you to the road of your financial freedom. Anybody can make money from Grasscutter farming irrespective of your current job as a side hustle.
(7). Grasscutters Reproduce Quick And More
Grasscutter can produce many litters. In this category, they are almost like pigs and rabbits. A female grasscutter of good species can give birth to 12 babies or more in a year. The mortality rate of Grasscutters are very low which is around 10% if properly handled, Grasscutters eat grasses mostly 80% and 20% supplementary feeds, it depends on your choice, above all grasscutter is very cheap to rear and also very cheap to treat sick Grasscutter.
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