How To Make Money In Nigeria Doing Fishery Business

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How To Make Money In Nigeria Doing Fishery Business
First and foremost, making money is less of theory and more of practical, so we have tried our possible best to reduce the amount of grammar in explaining this topic to the barest minimum.
What is fishery all About: fishery is simply a form of business that is all about rearing aquatic organism in an artificial or natural environment, making money from fishery depends on what you choose to do with aquatic organism(fish).
Forms of Business Under Fishery
  1. Construction of fish ponds
  2. Fingerlings production
  3. Juvenile Production
  4. Rearing fish to market size
  5. Fish processing & smoking
  6. Construction of fish aquarium
  7. Fish feed sale and production
  8. Teaching people the business
Construction of fish ponds:You can earn yourself a living constructing ponds of various sizes for individuals and organizations. constructing a pond is as easy as just digging a hole, just that you need to abide to various guidelines. Fish can also be raised in plastics, fiber strands and wooden rafts. There are two main types of Pond. This can either be earthen pond or concrete pond. To make money under pond construction you need to be able to build standard pond size for people. A standard pond size cost about ₦40000.
1. Market: There should be a fish market near-by to allow for high capacity of sale of fish from pond harvests.
2. Nature of the soil: Soil with enough clay content to hold water. Clay and silty clays are excellent soils for holding water because they stop water from seeping through.
3. Topography: Topography that allows for economical construction. It directly affects building costs and pond management. Pond should be constructed where enough water can be impounded with the least amount of earth fill.
4. Water availability and quality: water could be obtained from boreholes, streams or lakes. Gravity flow water is cheapest and best source. The water must be unpolluted, uncontaminated. Borehole waters can be excellent, but may be costly to pump and may require conditioning to remove carbon dioxide and improve oxygen content and temperature levels.
Fingerlings production: Making huge some of money under fingerling production depends on whether you own the hatchery or you pay people to hatch for you in their hatcheries. Fingerlings cost about ₦10 to ₦15 each. Based on market survey i will tell you, if you based your fish farming biz on production of fingerlings, using good brooding stock (male and female) and you are notable for viable fingerlings, you have a large customer based to supply no matter your region, and you can earn your self a descent income of ₦250,000 to ₦300,000.
The Requirements for a fingerling business
  • Pond or plastic water container
  • Personal or rented Hatchery
  • Notify potential fish farmers in your area.

Juvenile business: This perhaps the easiest to setup, with little or no capital you can get this form of fish business uprunning, and start bagging cash into your bank account. A fully grown juvenile cost about ₦20 to ₦35. What you simply do under juvenile business is to:
  • Hatch or buy fingerlings at ₦5 each
  • Buy wooden or water container
  • Buy local or coppens foreign feed
  • Put your fingerlings in your water container
  • Feed them daily
  • Change the water every 3 days
  • Sell them at ₦30 each after 6-8 weeks.
  • juv
The profit margin here is around 300%, the only issue is water supply.

Rearing fish to market size: This probably the easiest part of fishery business, You only need to have a suitable pond size and stock it with a proportionate amount of fingerlings/juveniles, then you continue the feeding (with local or foreign feed) for probably 5 month till they will arose maturity. The only issue with this form of fishery business is that it’s capital intensive due to the feeding cost. if you can probably take care of the feeding cost, then i think nothing should stop you from starting this business as soon as possible. The profitable fishes you can rear in Nigeria are tilapia and catfish, a mature catfish sells for ₦550 while tillapia sells for ₦400. I will say it’s more advisable to start with catfish rearing because the market is readily available.
Fish processing & smoking: This also a very simple form of fishery business, fish smoking & processing does not necessary mean fish smoking, it’s the process of drying fish in a kiln so as to reduce the moisture content to a very minimal rate, so as to preserve the fish for a very long period of time(3-9 months). The only material you need for this business is a a metal or clay kiln, a kiln is a structure made specifically for drying food. a kiln ranges from ₦30,000 to ₦300,000 depending on the size you need. To make money from this form of fishery business you just need to rear or buy fishes of varying sizes, dry it in a unique way(by adding your own spices) and insert it in a good package/container, then sell to schools, banks and organizations who are the major customer based for such dried products, since they don’t have much time to go to market.
fish procesKILN

Construction of fish aquarium: Aquariam construction is a new form of fishery business which only few individuals are already cashing money from. Making money building aquarium is easy, the only issues is the construction experience, you need to be able to build aquariums using your own unique sense of design, then sell to organizations like banks, hotels, schools etc. Imagine a bank with alot of daily customers having an aquarium in the bank vicinity, most customers will definitely be amazed, and they wont bother about the long queue to the counter.
Requirements for Aquarium Construction
  • Glass of varying thickness
  • Standard quality big size glass super glue
  • Pipe fittings
  • Paper decorations
  • Toys

Fish feed sale and production: I will say this can be an easy and a very difficult form of fishery business at thesame time, the issue about this business is that it’s 99.95 % practical and 0.05% theory.  it’s a very profitable business because most fish farmers are always looking for ways to reduce the fish feeding cost and still increase the flesh productivity of the fish, so if you can provide a good flesh-productive feed at a cheaper price than whats in the market, you are destined to be successful in this business.
fish feed fisfeed
Teaching people the business: At first i felt that there was no need to explain this form of the fishery business, because “no matter how much you are given, if you have a wrong metal attitude, you will never succeed and no matter how little you are given, if you have a right metal attitude you will succeed”
To make money under this forms of fishery business you need to create classes to teach people about this business, in fact you don’t even need to know all about the business, you can higher people to take the classes, but its more advisable to have proves and testimonies about what you are teaching, Cause there is no point mentoring people on what you don’t practice.
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