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Highly Notable Bishop Warns Buhari Against Another Civil War

The Right Reverend Geoffrey Okorafor, the Bishop of Egbu (Imo State), recommends Muhammadu Buhari not to dive Nigeria into the second civil war.

As a Reporter informs, the influential Anglican Communion Bishop is worried and very much concerned about the letter sent to National Assembly from President Buhari. It concerns his journey to London on because of his health and the official position of Professor Yemi Osinbajo, Nigeria Vice President. In this occasion, the bishop declared that any nation on the planet had not ever lived on two civil wars without breakdown.

During his speech on Monday(May 16, 2017) in St. Andrew’s Anglican Church in Owerri, Geoffrey Okorafor said that Buhari`s letter, concerning his illness, contained much uncertainty. The bishop also added that in that case, Buhari did not respect any

relevant constitutional provisions.

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According to him, Yemi Osinbajo knew absolutely nothing about the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria at all. And that is a huge problem for the nation.

It should be concluded that Bishop Okorafor in this own way wanted to ask the people of Nigeria to be watchful. Moreover, he recommended the President team to stay away from speeding any crisis in Nigeria.

Notwithstanding all this, Geoffrey Okorafor said that he had prayed the Lord for swift recovery of the President so that Muhammadu Buhari could return to Nigeria and maintain with his presidential duties as quickly as possible.

It also should be reminded that the cleric repeatedly blames the president for ignorance and inability to rule the country. In June 2015, the Anglican Bishop said that President Buhari needed the special favor from God to adopt all the necessary laws for Nigeria. “Only God can help him to become the people's president of Nigeria,” he emphasized.

In particular, Okorafor declared that Buhari needed the Lord`s blessing so that he could overcome the numerous challenges facing the country.

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